So it is with a rather heavy heart that I say goodbye to YarnyDoom.  There has been some dramatic changes in my life since I started this site.  The purchase and then loss of our beloved hedgehog Lord Malcom Snufflington.  The wedding plans to separation of me and my former partner and still friend Chip.  Medical issues and discovering the horribleness that is Fibromyalgia.  But I kept it going.

Recently it has become clear to me that my medical conditions will no longer allow me to crochet the way that I used to and this hits almost like a death to me.  I love to crochet but plain and simple my writs and hands just can’t take it.

I know what you are going to say… There are exercises… Why take the site down for that.. Who are you and where have you been in forever… With all of those things considered mostly YarnyDoom just makes me sad now because it is a reminder of all those things lost.  It is time for a new chapter in my life that started with my recent move from New Hampshire to Maryland and I think with that chapter closed so must YarnyDoom end.  For those of you that come back when I am gone Thank you and for the ones that were here again I thank you…

Till we meet again…

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Knitting and Life Changes

So as you can all tell if anyone is still here, I have not been around recently.  This is mostly because my life has kinda gone upside down.  On the plus side I am able to knit which is definitely keeping my sanity.   I will have some new things to post very soon so I will be back in the yarny saddle again very soon.  On the horizon we have, new patterns, new projects, and new Nerd Wars stuff :D

Till then know that I am ok and that new yarn projects are coming soon.  Well, back to the yarn with me :D

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6 Months And No Change

So here we are at the 6 month mark since I have posted anything…. no projects, no patterns, nothing…. and that is depressing.  Not to mention that the Fibromyalgia is so much worse right now all I do is curl up and wait for it to stop.  Knitting is a bit easier than crochet but again nothing that I can work on consistently.

So given that I have been doing other things recently to keep myself entertained though unfortunately nothing creative.  I do the Giggles and Red show with the fantastic Ms. Gina,   which is always fun.  I have also been spending my fair share of time on the internet mostly drooling over things I can’t make.

I wanted to let everyone know (or if I have anyone reading this anymore) that I am still here just on extended medical leave so to speak.  I wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone out there and I hope all your hand made projects make it gift wrapped on time :)

Have a wonderful Holiday and I will see you all if the world doesn’t end after the New Year!

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Ummm Yeah….. Crocheting…. Can I do that?

Given recent physical ailments as previously noted I have been having more and more issues crocheting.  This is becoming a bit hard for me to deal with as I really am a hooker to my core.  I miss it, but sadly it hurts.  Which would be the delay in posting anything new and why I opted out of NerdWars this tournament and why I had to drop out of the highly controversial Ravelympics  2012 (or as it is now known Ravellenic Games).

I can still knit but I am so damn slow it takes me forever.  I have been working on a Smash Book  scrapbook so that when/if Chip and I ever get pregnant the baby will know who Mommy was Before she was Mommy. The hats and the friendship bracelets keep me from going crazy but my personal brand of heroin is crochet and always has been.

It messes with your head to be sick and not able to do the one thing that you truly love.  Not only do you have the whole ick thing of feeling crappy but then you get the additional pain of the one thing that you could do to make it go away is too painful or exhausting to do.  I know I am not athletic at all (when the fiance takes me hiking I complain the entire way up and down whatever we are hiking) but I would relate it to running.  If you run every day and that is your time to clear your head and then you pull your hamstring and can’t run anymore.  You now struggle with finding that peace of mind space that you had before.

So if there are readers out there (and given the frequency of which I post I would think not) are there any suggestions to loosen up the points in my shoulders and neck that will let me have my hook back?  Please post your comments here if you have anything as it might help someone else too.

Until such time as I am able to produce more yarny creatures to love…. Back to the Scrapbook with me :)

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Tiny Hat Spam

So as promised yesterday here are the rest of the test runs that I have currently completed.









So far the Blue Green one and the Pink and Black with the Butterflies are my favorite but I would love to hear which ones you like or would like to see more of.

Till then back to the glue gun with me for now :D

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NerdWars T4 R2 Projects and Bad Anime

I have been watching some seriously bad anime as of late.  Netflix has added way more to their anime selections and I have been going through it.  I am slightly disappointed that they do not have the dubbed version of Death Note only the Japanese version.  This means that I have to pay attention and not crochet while watching which cramps my style.  I am afraid to admit to some of the titles that I have been watching … Lets just say that monsters in highschool are the story lines that I have been into… That and all of them have lots of terrible fan-service shots that make me laugh.

Aside from the couch potato-ness I have been working on a few things and have some exciting things on the horizon including a pattern partnership with Gina House of SleepyEyes Knits! I am very excited about that.

Now on to the projects!! This tournament for NerdWars I have to admit I have not been psyched about.  It could be just me or the fact that my team has grown HUGE and I have not been able to keep up with the conversation.  I leave for 2 days and come back to over 500 posts that I have to read to just stay caught up and it is a bit taxing.  Add additional Real Life factors and this does not make for a very jazzed YarnyDoom.  That being said I have not been aiming for “Gleaming the Cube” (finishing all the projects per round) just shooting for what appeals.  This time I have Hunter’s Easter Chicken, Tiny Easter Bunny, Robo-Bunny, the Yarn Dagger, and the *Super Secret Project* that will have more information on it later as it is not ready for the world yet (though if you are on Ravelry you will already know what it is)

So starting with Hunters Easter Chicken.  Also known as Eggy which is a pattern by AmiAmour who I love her work.  I am totally in awe with some of the Sackboy based commissions that she does (see her Sackboy Gallery to check them out) this is one of her easier patterns. 99b38a74-dee2-44d7-ae64-8eca3ca5d883  77f77991-7214-473d-993b-67e16f623e05  f069a821-1bf0-430e-bb71-fb5fe8ada648 I did skip the beak as I could not for the life of me figure out how it attaches to the project so I just went the embroidery route.  I did an Easter Bunny for Hunter last year and to keep it different I thought I would do a chick instead.  Then when I started making him I really wanted the coxcomb on top so he became a full chicken :D

Tiny Easter Bunny: There is a group on Ravelry called The Tiny Bunnies Movement which I am a part of.  I have mentioned them before I think but I love them so easter-tbmit is worth talking about again.  In the tradition of random acts of kindness Tiny Bunnies are created and left for people just because.  I like personally leaving them for waitstaff as part of their tip just as an additional thank you.  For the scraps challenge TBM bunnies are perfect!

Robo-bunny is for the States of Matter challenge I needed to link a material in a particular state to 2 fandoms.  I just bought Voodoo Maggie’s Adorable Amigurumi book and wanted to make the0ea8e5bc-7f48-49b0-afed-41dac930bc49 Dust Bunny Pattern 832f6162-5d65-498d-a2ac-68ace3f7167das0a55700e-2323-4854-abce-9f55eab120f3 soon as I bought it.  So I picked some stash yarn that has been laying around for just this side of forever and went for it.  You will notice that the bunny has no arms and no eye circles…. the eye circles were left out intentionally ….. the arms…. not so much but now that I look at him I am not sure that he needs them (which is good because I ran out of yarn)

img_1112img_1111The Yarn Dagger was another strange work up. This one is my own design that I am trying to work the kinks out of before posting it for a sword.  I was in the process of scaling it down to be Nephew sized and it kinda went sideways.  I know what happened and when I write up the sword pattern it will be resolved but for now it is just a quick one shot at something silly.  As you can see from the photos I had a bit of fun with this one :D

Now that all of that is done I can go back to my Minecraft and horrible Anime!! … what …. all right fine … Back to the yarn with me!

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Missing In Action…

I have lost my crafting mojo lately.  I am not sure what is going on whether I am playing too much Minecraft or what but I have had little to no desire to knit or crochet.  That being said I am trying to force myself out of this stalled state by making some projects that are either not my patterns or mindless enough that the action of making the items does not require thought but the end results are cool.

I have been talking recently with my friend Gina about getting some of my patterns out on paper and working on publishing them.  As there are the concerns about copyright infringements with my work I want to be very sure that I am not stepping on anyone’s toes with the patterns I select.  That being said I feel there is a very strong need for a geek friendly knit and crochet book and personally I was greatly disappointed with the recent book I found called Knits for Nerds.  There are only a few patterns that I would make and I think personally I could do better.

So wish me luck in the quest for my mojo and hopefully I will be back and better than ever and in print :D

Till then back to the yarn with me!

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OMG Etsy!

So it is official… YarnyDoom has its own Etsy shop :D Launched a few days ago to get our gifts to the masses please visit and let me know what you think. Also if there is anything that you would like to see in the shop please feel free to comment and let me know. Soon there should be a widget on the side of the blog here, a Facebook page, and some additional goodies for readers. Stay tuned after the holidays to see how it works out.

Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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Nerd Wars Tournament 3

So it is that time again where we re-up for Nerd Wars. I personally love Nerd Wars its like crafting with purpose which is always a good time. Nerd Wars has grown so much since the beginning. The first tournament I could easily follow all the threads and chatter even in the off topic areas. It was great to see what everyone was into and to share what you were into with other people eager to learn about it. So naturally with it being the coolest place on the internet it has caught on like wildfire and now I sometimes struggle to keep up with it. Don’t get me wrong more people means more fun means a larger pattern queue for me seeing all the cool stuff that other people are making. In this case the more the merrier but I do get lost sometimes in it. Being away for 3 days means that I come back to like 300 posts in the team thread and over a thousand in the common areas. I hope to be more active and chatty in that area next month.

So I am on 1-up again for this round and could not be happier about it and have some great plans for Christmas craft projects coming up too so stay tuned for an Off-center Christmas presented by yours truly :D

Other than that on a personal front October has been kinda crazy so I have not been here a lot trying to deal with the real world stuff that can easily get in the way of crafting. Stupid life I demand to see your manager! (hehehe Portal 2). I should be posting some new stuff soon too I just wanted to say before it is too late ….

Have a wonderful and happy holiday (as it is my favorite of the year) and I shall post again soon I promise.
Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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Looking For Some Feedback

I am planning to do my very first craft fair coming up in December and when prepping for it I was struggling with what to bring.  Do I make YarnyDoom stand out or be just another table?  When mulling over this issue the best idea that I had was to ask the folks that take a look at YarnyDoom what they would like to see.  So here we go :D

Thanks in advance for the assistance and I will be announcing a new look to the site and a store very soon so stick around! Till then back to the yarn with me!! :D

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