Nerd Wars!

There are times when my addiction to Ravelry becomes so very apparent that it can be down right scary.  One of these examples is Nerd Wars.  Now Nerd Wars is a geek crafting contest from the group explanation:

Essentially, teams (each team unified by their geekery. For example, a person might be on the DC Comics, Dr. Who, or SCA team) “compete” by completing knitting/crochet/whatever projects that answer a set challenge (there will be a few challenges each round to choose from).

Each project you complete earns your team points. At the end of three rounds (each round being a month long each), the team with the most points wins.

What do they win? Bragging rights, a sweet badge for their profile or a Ravatar. Maybe also in the future there will be tangible prizes as well.

The tournament is hopefully going to be a way to motivate people to finish projects on a (ultimately arbitrary by real life standard, but totally helpful and fun here) deadline, and also meet other Ravelers with similar geeky interests and form friendships with folks.

My addiction to Ravelry comes into this because I have become obsessed with checking on things related to Nerd Wars it is pretty much all consuming lately.  I have to check Ravelry several times a day to see what was posted or if there is anything new, and yet I still don’t talk to anyone.  This project is meant to pull people out of their shells a bit and mine is still firmly attached.  I really need to open up a bit.

As soon as I found out what team I was on (Rogue Squadron the Star Wars team) I raced to the patterns page to find things that would work.  Sadly so far however I have not found anything that has jumped out and grabbed me that is theme appropriate :( The scoring for these projects adds bonus points for Team Spirit which is how close your pattern matches your group.  You can most definitely still participate even if they are not theme specific pretty much anything nerdy will do. So far I have posted 2 projects:

For the Nebula project in which you had to take inspiration from the beautiful pictures of Nebulae from NASA and either translate it in colors of yarn or style of project.  I posted Felix who is from the Helix Nebula.


As you can tell from his coloration he has been built to hide in the nebula. He has a a red tone underneath is fuzzy exterior and can also be seen on his foot.  General mode of movement is floating in the weightless environment of space but when they have to go to ground they are skilled in hopping as their mobility.  The yarn itself (the fuzzy one) is a bit greener in person so he matches a bit better from my perspective.

The second project was actually made very quickly thanks to the heat going out at home and a snow day.  This item was for the NerdCon project which was something that you would either use for or at a convention.  I love to dress up and do have several Steampunk Cosplay characters that I use frequently.  So my second project was Cosplay Short Cloak0131012128:0131012127

I play a character by the name of Dinah who is a Steampunk/Weird West vampire that has been captured by a daemon hunter (played by my best friend) this is a elbow length cloak that she wears to match her red eyes. Personally I think it works well for her as the ties are long enough to tie behind my shoulders so that I can wear it hood down and still show her outfit off.  It also fulfills one of my #11in11 requirements too so bonus!

Currently there are 4 more categories that I can add projects to or I can do more for each one they are :

  • Valentines Day for Team Spirit,
  • Ionic Bonding for Technical (2 types of yarn that do not normally work together)
  • Prime Numbers for Intellectual (colors or patterns that run in prime numbers)
  • Cold Hands Warm Hearts for Giving Geeks where you make gloves for charity.

So far I am having a hard time incorporating my team spirit into these crafts but I am sure that lightning will strike my imagination soon enough that I will come up with something.

Till then I will keep on making other projects till something strikes me.  If there are any suggestions that anyone out there has to offer I would be happy to hear them until then I will keep trying to think beyond the yarn.

Till then back to the yarn with me :D

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#11in11 Project

There is a group on Ravelry that I have been working with alot lately called #11in11.  The group was started after some holiday yarn purchases and conversation with other knitters about what to do with it by Calb1973 and Glittrgirl.  Here is some more information from the group intro on Ravelry:

“Welcome to #11in11. 11 shawls, scarves, necklets, cowls, neck adornments in 2011. If it goes round your neck, it’s in. If it’s knitted or crocheted, it’s in. There aren’t any prizes, just the encouragement and virtual cries of joy and envy from the rest of the group. If you don’t reach the target, then at least you’ve met some new people and had a bit of fun making some new knitted glories (and given some away?).”

So Far I have completed 3 of my required 11 projects for 2011.  I offer you my Vamp Bite Bandage


My Crochet Cables Hooded Cowl


And my very first knitted cowl The Sunshine Print Ribbed Cowl

0115012206a011501220501150122060117011101I really do like how all of the projects so far have turned out.  I am working on integrating some new brighter colors into my wardrobe and with winter in New England yarn for now seems to be the best way to do it.  There are some very pretty variegated yarns up on deck for the next project so stay turned for that.

I have been working lately to channel my inner Penelope Garcia (from Criminal Minds) who I think has the perky goth, sunny sinister disposition that I love and the Rockabilly style that I want.  Color is key to that transformation.  I will as always keep you posted :D

I also have a Steampunk swap project and a Creepy Cute Valentine’s Day secret admirer project working so once those are received I will be posting them as they are coming out brilliantly.

Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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Start of a New Year… Time for new patterns

Yeah yeah yeah I know it has been a month since I last posted anything but in my defense there was major holiday crafting going on.  I have some new patterns to post soon and also a tutorial on “Gift crafts for your Geek” coming very soon (I just have to get the photos in order).  So for now I offer my humble apologies for leaving you all so long and ……

Soda Tab Bracelets :D


I made these for my cousin Sara that was visiting and some for myself as you can see.  They are beyond easy to make.  If needed I can post a tutorial just let me know if it is wanted and I will put it together.

With that back to the yarn with me! :D

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Free Crochet Pattern – Zero the Ghost Dog

Beginning the holiday spirit for me is to watch or think about watching Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.  In honor of that I offer my pattern to make a crocheted version of Zero.


**Note** the original base pattern for this item belongs to Knitted Toy Box and is offered for free so they get full credit.  I modified the pattern to be a crochet format rather than knitted and added a few additions but because the core of the project is not mine I will not sell the pattern.  It just doesn’t seem right to me.

So here it is:


  • Worsted weight yarn or any type but be sure that the weight of all colors used is the same
  • Size I (5.50mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Toy Stuffing

Gauge: Not really important in this project

Design Notes: This pattern is worked flat then seamed it is not worked in rounds

This pattern has not really been  tested other than by me so please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors  at



Chain 2 – 2 sc in the second chain from the hook
2. and every even row -  Sc straight
3. 2 Sc in each stitch (4 sts)
5. inc, Sc in the next 2, inc (6 sts)
7. inc, Sc in the next 4, inc (8 sts)
9. inc, Sc in the next 6, inc (10 sts)
11. inc, Sc in the next 8, inc (12 sts)
13. inc, Sc in the next 10, inc (14 sts)
15. inc, Sc in the next 12, inc (16 sts)

Finish off

Repeat steps 1-15 without finishing then continue below

16. Sc straight attaching the additional point to the end of the row (32 sts)
17 – 23 Sc straight (32 sts)
24. dec, Sc until last 2 st, dec (30sts)
25. Sc straight
26. Repeat rows 24-25 until 10 sts remain (22 rows all together)
48. dec 5 times (5 sts)
49 – 51.  Sc straight
52 . dec, sc, dec (3 sts)
53 -56.  Sc straight
57. dec, sc  (2 sts)
58 – 61. Sc straight
62. dec last 2 stitches together (1 st)
63 – 65. Sc straight

Finish off

**Suggestion on sc with short rows:  If you chain 1 at the turn you can then do your sc in the chain one bump at the end of the row and make the line straighter **

1209001453 1209001453a 1209001453b


Ch 2. 2 Sc in the 2nd chain from the hook (or magic loop)
1. inc 2x (4 sts)
2. Sc Straight
3. inc in each stitch (4x) (8 sts)
4 – 23. Sc Straight (19 rows)
24. *sc in the next 2, inc* repeat 2 times, sc 2 (10 sts)
25. Sc Straight
26. *sc in next 2, inc*repeat 3 times, sc (13 sts)
27. Sc Straight
28. *sc in next 3, inc* repeat 3 times, sc (16 sts)
29. Sc Straight
30. *sc , inc* repeat 8 times (24 sts)
31. Sc Straight
32. *sc in next 4, inc* repeat 4 times, sc 4 (28 sts)
33 -35. Sc Straight 3 rows
36. *sc in next 4, dec* repeat 4 times, sc 4 (24 sts)
37. Sc Straight
38. *sc in next 2, dec* repeat 6 times (18 sts)
39. Sc Straight
40. *sc, dec* repeat 6 times (12 sts)
41. Sc Straight
42. *dec* repeat 6 times (6 sts)
43. Sc Straight

Cut  a tail of yarn approx 6” and use a needle to pull through the remaining  stitches and pull tightly. Use the yarn tail to start joining all row  ends using mattress stitch until half way down the head. Stuff the ball  of the head and then continue to mattress stitch the row ends right up  to the chain row and then stuff the rest of the head/nose. Pull  the yarn through the first 2 sc and  fasten off and then weave in the  ends.

Ears ( make 2)

Chain 7, sc in the second chain till the end (6 sts)
1 – 19. Sc Straight  for 19 rows
20. *dec* 3 times (3 sts)
21 – 23. Sc Straight

Cut  a tail in the yarn approx 5” long and use a yarn needle to pull through  the end sc to make a point. Use the remaining yarn tail to join the row  ends up until the cast on stitches, and then sew onto the head.

Nose **this item worked in rounds**
2 sc in magic loop
1. Increase all stitches (4 sts)
2. Inc, sc, inc, sc (6 sts)
3. inc, sc in next 2, inc, sc 2 (8 sts)
4 .Sc Straight
5. dec, sc in next 2, dec, sc 2 (6 sts)
6. dec, sc, dec, sc (4 sts)
7. *dec* times 2 (2 st)

Finish off.  You can stuff the nose if you would like to I did not find a need for it.  Embroider a small pumpkin face on the nose and attach. (attach a stem if you would like using a smaller hook and chain 4 sl down the back of the chain and add to the top of the pumpkin)

Lower Jaw (make 2 one in white and one black)
Ch 2, 1 sc in 2nd chain(1 st)
1 – 3. Sc Straight
4. sc 3x in the one stitch (3 sts)
5 -7. Sc Straight
8. inc, sc, inc (5 sts)
9 – 10.Sc Straight
11. inc, sc in next 3, inc (7 sts)
12 – 13. Sc Straight
14. inc, sc in next 5, inc (9 sts)
15. Sc Straight

Finish off

Ch 9, Sc in second chain from the hook till the end (8 sts)
1. Sc straight
2. Sc, inc, sc in next 4, inc, sc (10 sts)
3. Sc Straight
4. Sc, inc, sc in next 6, inc, sc (12)
5 – 13 . Sc Straight
14. sc, dec, sc in next 6, dec, sc (10 sts)
15. Sc Straight
16. sc, dec, sc in next 4, dec, sc (8 sts)
17. Sc Straight
18. sc, dec, sc in next 2, dec, sc (6 sts)
19. Sc Straight

Finish Off


Stitch the Underbelly to the body about 2 rows back from where you joined the point in the front at row 16.  Stuff before finishing and weaving ends in.  Attach head to body at roughly the same position as underbelly on the top side.  To attach the lower jaw place the black section on top of the white and stitch together with white around the outside edge then attach to the bottom of the head out from the neck in a position that looks comfortable.  Ears attach to the back of the head.  You can use felt circles for eyes or embroider then or use the following pattern for simple black circles and attach those

Eyes (see notes above optional)

6 sc in magic loop in next round *sc, inc* till the end then finish off leaving tail to attach it to the head

Here is a PDF copy of the pattern if you would rather – Zero the Ghost Dog crochet.pdf

As always Have fun, Give credit where credit is due, Let me know if you have any issues with it and I will get it corrected, and please don’t sell the pattern as I haven’t either. I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to post the finished items either on here or the Ravelry page for the pattern.  I look forward to seeing them – till then back to the yarn with me :D

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Free Pattern – Cthuthlu Fingerless Gloves

Cthulhu Fingerless Gloves img_2552


  • Worsted weight yarn or any type but be sure that the weight of both colors used is the same
  • Size I (5.50mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: Not really tested at the time but can be scaled as needed see below

Design Notes: This is my first pattern and has not really been tested please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors at


This pattern is worked flat with inlay colors it is then stitched up the side leaving a space for the thumb. For more information on how to inlay colors or carry colors please refer to or

Ch 30 to 35 stitches depending on size needed – *to determine size wrap the crochet chain around your hand just below the edge of your pinkie not including your thumb. The chain should fit comfortably around your hand but not too loose. * This row is considered the top of both gloves as it will not stretch as much as the cuff.

Note: You will want to leave a longer tail for finishing on the foundation chain

Row 1 – alternating sc and dc till the end of the row

Row 2- alternate sc and dc for this row as well (in each sc do 1 dc and in each dc do 1 sc)

Row 3 – repeat pattern

Row 4 – straight sc

Row 5 – here is where you begin the chart starting from the top down to make them as shown above you can reverse it for the pattern to show the other way if you would like.

  • For one side count 5 stitches from the end and start the pattern from left to right
  • For the other side count 20 stitches from the end and place marker crochet straight till reaching the marker and then start the pattern so you should finish it 5 stitches from the end of the row

The pattern continues for the 20 rows as shown


Row 26 – straight sc

Row 27 to 30 – start the same pattern as Row 1 and continue for 3 rows then finish off leaving a long tail for sewing


Place the glove around your hand with the seam on the thumb side and mark where it is comfortable for you to have your thumb at the top and bottom. Using the tail from the foundation chain sew the glove closed to the first marker and weave in the tail. Then from the bottom sew in the other direction till you reach the second marker knot and weave in the tail. You should have the side seam with an opening for your thumb.

Here is a copy in a printable format (Cthulhu Fingerless Gloves) if you would rather. Please give me credit for the work and do not resell them.

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Babies, Babies, Babies

I have been all about the baby crafts lately with the impending birth of my little sisters first child Hunter James.  Also a friend of mine has just had a baby boy as well named RJ.  Today I offer two of the items that I have made and the utmost thanks to the FANTASTIC model that we have in RJ.

So first we will start with the Pumpkin Hat.


Now this one was made so that he could go trick or treating with his new brothers and not be cold.  I found the pattern where I normally do on Ravelry :D and if you would like to make it for your own little pumpkin the link to it is here.  I do love the fact that baby items work up so very quickly means that I can make 2 in the same time that it would take for a adult version of the same project.

Next we have the Aviator Hat:



This one I was looking for something special to make for Hunter to come home in.  Channeling my inner Steampunk I though about a pilots hat.  Ravelry again graced me with exactly what I was looking for but before I purchased it I had to call my sister to see what her opinion would be of it.  I would hate to have made it and her say “I will never let him wear that it’s dumb” or something.  Turns out that a few days before her and her boyfriend were in the baby store looking at a tiny bomber jacket that they had to buy as the cutest and coolest thing they had seen for their soon to be new addition.  At that point there was no contest I had to make the Aviator hat.  RJ gets the benefits of me working out the pattern correctly and he is a wonderful model for it.

I am so happy that my friends indulge me and really do love what I make for them.  I really think that everyone should consider a craft element in their gift giving.  Nothing shows someone that they matter to you like something that you make yourself.  Even if you are just learning the person you give it to knows that you were thinking of them when you made it.

On that note next time holiday crafts must get done so back to the yarn with me :D

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How Time Flies..

So it appears that I have not posted here in quite a while.  The standard answer of “Life got in the way” just does not seem to cut it for me.  Mostly what happened was I was sick for a whole week and that threw me off my posting.  So this one will be a large post as I have lots to talk about.

First thing is the swaps that I participated in came through and I received such FANTASTIC presents from my swap partners.  The first was from the Creepy Cute Crochet swap.  My partner Yaney is from Singapore and sent me a great swap set up as a wedding invitation.  She sent the Groom and now all I have to do is make him a Bride :D and Gummy Cola Bottles which are one of my favorites.  Here are the pictures:


Next we have the Circus Swap which I received a package from carolinecraftz from the UK.  As you recall (hopefully) I posted Ollie the Elephant it was his brother that I shipped over to the UK as part of the swap.  I received in return a Pumpkin and a Clown along with yarn of course and some candies from across the pond that I can’t get here.  And I have some pictures of this one too:


After that we have the section on conversion of patterns.  Normally converting a knitting pattern to a crochet pattern varies drastically.  We talked about it a bit with the Pig in a Wig pattern where the pig pattern was converted by keeping the stitch counts but completely omitting the purl rows when making it.  Just in time for Halloween I have worked out Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas.

10140010001014001000aNow this pattern I found on Ravelry was a knitted pattern and he came out very cute that way as you can see.  But I was not completely pleased with the results.  As I am better at crochet that I am knitting I felt that if I could work out how to modify the pattern to be more like the actual character I would capture him a bit better.

Here is the modified version:10140014011014001401a

Notice the addition of a Lower Jaw and the Pumpkin face on the nose along with the fact that he is considerably larger in this version.  What you can’t see is I also added an additional tummy section to give him some structure.  I have tried to contact the original writer of the pattern to get permission to post my modified version so that I can give credit where it is due.  Once I have permission I will definitely post it here for all of you :D

Now after all that I have a few more projects in the works for my Halloween post so back to the yarn with me!

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Ollie, Smiley, and Batfish

Holy October Batfish.  So time has been marching on aggressively on me lately but I have some new things to share with you all.  The first is one of the first gifts that I have made for my soon to be nephew Hunter James.  We had a baby shower for my sister.  She is a fan of super heroes but when they went to do the baby’s room an Under Sea theme seemed to fit a bit better.  I found a way to blend the two themes (or at least the best I could) and we have the first two in the super hero series.  I give you Batfish and Spiderfish.


They are a re-imaging of a pattern out of Amigurumi Two a pattern called Little Fish and Her Daddy.  Spiderfish I have decent photos of however Batfish was finished just before the party so all I have is a picture of her opening it.  I made a baby blanket too for the occasion.

Next we have Ollie.



Ollie is based off a pattern called Padma that was created by Dawn Toussaint.  On her blog she started a Crochet-a-long for this pattern and it was just too cute to pass up.  Chip (the dear BF) is responsible for him having a Fez.  I feel it is the perfect addition.

And last but most certainly not least is Smiley Pumpkin





The Milford NH Pumpkin Festival is this weekend and in honor of that and the start of October we have a pumpkin.  Since I made him I have had several requests for one of their own.  Fall is my favorite season here I foresee lots of them being made and will be all over the house.

Anyway back to the yarn with me :D

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Crochet-A-Long and Baby Stuff

I belong to a group on Ravelry called Amigurumi Army which every month they have a theme crochet-a-long.  This month was Outer Space.  As I have posted before as this month has been VERY busy I picked a pattern that was simple and worked up in about an hour or so.  This pattern by RoxyCraft had been sitting in my Ravelry queue since pretty much my joining day and I always love knocking that down :D .  I give you The Gabu.


This little alien was a lot of fun and really easy to make I can easily see these being made for gifts in a rather large scale.  Please let me know if you like them and for those that are not paying attention they might make an appearance this holiday season :D

I will have lots to post very soon for the swap projects (they are almost done) and for my future nephew in the making Hunter James.  I would hate to ruin the surprise for my swap partners so I will wait till they are received, and the baby shower is coming so soon I will have those pictures too.

Okay enough of a break…. Back to the yarn with me :D

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Ramping Up Production

As September marches on I realized that I missed a week in the projects that I have been posting.   So today I offer 2 :)

The first was made on our way to Ohio and back visiting Chip’s family.  The pattern is from one of my favorite places Monchimonchi Land.  I bought her book very recently when I first started reading her blog and what she was working on just captured me.  I almost immediately went to Border’s to get it.  I am trying currently to convince Chip to take me to NYC to see her show in October.  For now I offer my version of her pattern for Pigs In Wigs.

Now I am not a proficient knitter but the patterns are easy to read and understand so I do get it :D, but my progress with knitted projects is a bit slow.  Being that I have been crocheting for so long I felt that I could do the pattern better justice if I crocheted the pig portion.  My simple conversion still used her pattern for the increases and decreases but I converted one single crochet row for 2 knitted rounds.  I am pleased with the result.


Next we have the Snow Dragon. We are going to King Richards Fair this weekend and I was inspired by that to make something Fantasy based.  Made from a pattern that I initially found on but orignally (per the pattern anyway) appeared on Crochet Me.  In general the procedure here will be that if I make anything from a pattern that is not my own they will of course be given the credit as I was taught that you treat others the way you want to be treated :D

So I present to you Valentine:


Valentine a cute baby dragon looking for a fair maiden to give his heart too. I added the rose and modified the pattern for the spikes on his back and his eyelids to make it look like more of what I had pictured in my head.

Well that is all for now.. Back to the yarn with me!!

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