Day Level Completed

I …. HAVE…. DONE IT!!!!!!! After 3 months worth of work I have FINALLY completed the day level of Plants Vs Zombies that was proposed.  This was done as a dissertation for Nerd Wars Tournament 2 on Ravelry.  As you remember (or will if you read this post) the original proposal included the first night time level as well.  Due to medical issues that basically took the entire month of July from me I decided to limit it to the day level only.  I will be posting patterns for them as soon as I can decipher my notes.  I was seriously cranking at the end of it given that the deadline for it to be completed was then end of August do the notes got a bit more frantic at that time.  But I have images for each one that is done as well as some set up shots to hold you over for now :D


All in all I am really pleased with the results.  I may continue if there is interest in it but that would depend on you wonderful people.  Patterns for all of these plants are coming soon so keep looking back to see.

Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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Work, Pain, and Yarn

Status report: I know I seem to have fallen off the planet or something but I swear I am still here.  Recently (and I will spare you the horrible and embarrassing details of these events) I have had some medical issues that have had me sick for just over 2 months at this point.  At this point I am finally on the other side of it but sadly not totally over it yet.  Patients is needed and that dear readers is not one of the virtues I possess.  Long story short however (too late) I am back and hopefully better than ever.

Nerd Wars Round 2 is just about at its end and I was working up till the wire this time trying to get everything submitted on time.  I am sadly way behind on my dissertation project at check in and I may have to scale back my goals to just do the daytime level but we shall seen.  So now on to the projects.

Technical: Alternative Yarnality (use an alternative yarn in a project)
One man’s trash…. Is another man’s ammunition

For this challenge I made a crochet Plarn desk cup. I just finished my bag of poly-fill that I keep at my desk and was looking at the bag… I was then reminded of Fallout 3 and the Rock-It Launcher.  It is a gun that over the course of the game you build that you then use as a weapon armed with garbage that you find as you go through. One of my favorite weapons in the game just because the vacuum cleaner noise when you arm it makes me laugh. How does this relate to the project you ask? Good question :) It relates because a resourceful crafter is never left without a project and can make something out of practically nothing.
So I took my empty polly-fill bag and cut it into plarn and made a cup to hold my vending machine change.

Scientific: Scientific Method (apply the scientific method to a yarn craft)

Crochet GlaDos cores

Question: Can I make a stand-up structure that will have noticeable distance from the finished ami with no internal support
Hypothesis: I believe it is possible however without reducing to my steel crochet hooks unlikely
Experimentation: At the end of the game Portal you have to confront the computer GlaDos and in turn her personality cores. The core has a handle on both the top and bottom side. Most of the plushies that I have seen for this core leave off the handles or embroider them in as an aesthetic item but with no distance from the main core. In the past with things like this I would crochet around a pipe cleaner to give the item structure so that it would hold away from the base. I wondered if the item was completely crocheted would I still be able to get the expected visual result. I tested using the same gauge and yarn as the finished ami and went down 1 hook size (in this case an H hook for the ami and handle and then down to a G for the handle)

Analysis: after several attempts and some serious trial and error I was able to find a crochet solution. It appears that the key to it was making a solid piece the below image is the steps that were followed to make that happen.
I started with a base of 3sc then did another row of 3 ss the 2 rows together to make the base then chain 4 placed a loop from the colored section then ss to the chain so that the loop is embedded in the stitch then finished the ss and added one more in the top of the base section to make it stable and finished that side then chain 6 in the colored section and repeat with the loop in the next side (as previously stated) and ss 5 times with the colored section and finish off. The G hook made a more sturdy handle that can hold up on its own.

Conclusion: complete success as you can see with the cores below that the handles help not only to make them sit upright but also have noticeable distance from the ami center eye.

and here they are on their own Morality, Curiosity, Knowledge/Cake, And Anger



Giving Geeks: Puppy Love (make and donate a project made for pets)

For this I have crochet and general yarn cat toys. We had to put down our cat Bailey last year just before we moved into our own home where he would have had tons of room to play. That gap is still felt with us however we are not ready for a new cat yet. 100000054110000005391000000540I put together a donation for our friend Claire who is a foster kitty mommy for an organization called pets in need. Our Bailey loved pompom toys so1000000538 I made a bunch of them in various colors some as you can see with the inspiration from the Pokemon games :)
I also have catnip Mario inspired coins all of them on long strings for dangling or attaching to sticks later.   I hope that they will get much love and use to make the kitties happy

Team Spirit: Its Fun To Be Bad (make a project based on being bad or villains)
Here are my Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper

img_0507img_0506img_0512Sometimes being bad is just one of the things that you have to do. Being a faceless minion is not an easy job but no evil overlord is complete without them :) img_0511 img_0513as bad guys go they can be as bad as it gets walking into the Jedi temple to kill young-lings for example. Mine is a bit more on the entertaining side as I have chosen to make my inspiration from Lego StarWars in this case. This is also in homage to my team for last round with Rogue Squadron and our team unity project for Stealing your Doodz :D

There are still 2 more left to go and they are finished but at home so I will create another post with them as soon as they are posted for credit.

I sadly also had to ask that my dissertation be modified as I have been sick and have not had the energy to work on it.  I am hoping that they hear my plea and let me just concentrate on the day time level for PvZ so that I can accomplish it.  as always I will keep you posted on the results.  Well now that all that is done I think I need a nap!  I am around should any questions or special requests come up and until then back to the yarn with me! :D

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Is YarnyDoom Dead?

Yeah yeah yeah I know I have been missing for just this side of forever but no YarnyDoom is not dead. In fact we here at YarnyDoom are working really hard on something big! For those of you who follow what is going on here you are vaguely familiar with NerdWars and some of the projects that I have made centered around it. At the end of the last tournament I was not sure if I would sign up again as I was struggling to find things that fit the group theme that I was attached to. So I rolled the dice again and this time landed on Team 1-up which is video game themed, a subject that is near and dear to my heart :)

Challenges this month were as follows:


Nerd Culture: Make a project based off of a YouTube video

My selection was the song that has forced itself into my head and just stuck there since I heard it “Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

Here is my interpretation of “The Man Who Arranges The Blocks” complete with Soviet Union worker outfit, Stalin style facial hair, and his own blocks to arrange.



Team Spirit: Make something that shows your fandom loyalty

For this one I looked back fondly to our trip to San Deigo Comic-Con. One of my favorite things in the vendor hall (and trust me there was a lot that was awesome in that hall) was the folks from “The Behemoth”. Now if you have not played Castle Crashers or Alien Hominid you need to …. Now…. go ahead and try it I will just wait here….. *humming to herself*…………… OH!! You’re back now… YAY!! and now you see what I mean :D. They make messed up, all around fun games. In honor of that I made an Alien Hominid from the pattern here at Nerdagami



Intellectual: Make a project based off of a well known adage

I hear my dad in the back of my head with this one and the classic comment of “If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you?” In thinking about this statement there was no better selection then a Lemming!!

Here is my Lemming, using this pattern from PlanetJune. He is embodying a stop lemming which is one of the ones that you use to prevent them all walking off a cliff. photo1-1photo1_1photo1-2 See how his arms are out at his sides :)


Giving Geeks: Make or purchase baby items to donate

Baby Bootie donation box :D
a total of 7 pairs of baby booties were sent off to Baby Threads of NH that create baby take home bags for new mommies with limited means. Team Spirit you ask You betcha! First we have the Invinco-booties :D inspired by the Invincibility star in Super Mario Brothers video games (there are 2 pairs of those in the box)

img_0451Also we have the “Your Baby Wears Combat Booties” baby booties recommended for all you First person shooter and Call of Duty fans out there :D


Technical: make a 3 dimensional project

There is a side note of a Team Unity project it is almost like a free project to use in a img_0442challenge along the way to have everyone do the same thing. In our case it was a Magnetic Katamari from the Katamari Damacy game :D and here is mine. Just to add a little bit more geek flavor to it the color scheme was inspired by the superhero The Flash


Scientific: Lightning in celebration of Ben Franklin’s kite experiment on June 15th, 1752

For this one something instantly jumped into my head and I just ran with it. Electrical Pokemon :D So here is my Pikachu. Created as a combination of 2 patterns. This one from WolfDreamer and This one from Tiamat Creations (which is in French)photo1_0photo


Challenges began June first and in almost record time for me I was able to complete all of them in the first 2 weeks. In addition however I also took on a “Dissertation” which is a long term project that is supposed to take the duration of the competition to complete (3 months in total). The suggested dissertation that I am planning is based on Plants Vs Zombies and should take me every minute of the 3 months, it is that ambitious!

I hope to make a full game layout for 2 levels (the day front yard level and the nighttime front yard level) This project will entail the following:

A full defensive line up for each level and at least 3 zombies for each. The playing field is laid out in the front lawn grid like these

I plan on the following plants for each level:

Day level: Sunflower, Peashooter, Cherry Bomb, Wallnut, Potatomine, Snowpea, Chomper, and Repeater

Night level: Sun-Shroom, Puff-shroom, Fume-shroom, Grave Buster, Hypno-shroom, Scardey-shroom, Ice-shroom, and Doom-shroom

A total of 16 plant varieties (patterns written for each). Game would not be complete without Zombies so I plan to do at least 3 zombies per level. They would be:

Day level: Normal Zombie, Flag Zombie, and Cone-head Zombie

Night Level: Bucket Head Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dancer Zombie

Completed set up would look something like this

so total would be:
16 plant patterns all my own design
6 Zombies (roughly based of the same pattern with mods for each)
A minimum total of 25 plants per level
5 of each plant in rows like you would play the game

Pattern dimensions and information: each plant will stand about 4.5 to 5 inches tall and Zombies would be about 5.5 to 6 inches tall and should be able to stand under their own power. as they are intended to sell there will be no weighting in the bases (as it comes out and can be a choking hazard) and details will either be crochet or fabric paints which are non toxic. All items will be made out of acrylic yarn and polyester stuffing to prevent allergens.

The end result would be set up at the flea@MIT for sale before they shut down for the year.

In volume alone we are talking about a minimum of 56 completed pieces that are parts to be assembled and 21 completed patterns that will be posted upon completion. Even with my crochet speed this will still be time consuming to finish.

img_0278spudminewallnutI do have a few samples to show prior to the grand unveiling when it is finished. I have written patterns for each and will post them when the whole thing is finished. And they are the Peashooter, Potato Mine, and Wallnut

Add into that new responsibilities at work, I am traveling now which is cool. And my standard fight with illnesses and you have one very stressed out fiberista. It is starting to calm down a bit however we have hit the birthday season in my family. As a crafter I like to add touches like that to my gifts if I can that will keep me a bit busier. As always I do accept and have some commission projects that are coming due as well.

So long story short (too late) stay tuned for some major projects on the horizon and hopefully a bit of press for it if I can pull the whole thing off.

Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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Capt’n Mal and His Journey for Japan

In the last Nerd Wars round there was a challenge for Giving Geeks that was trying to raise money for Japan after the recent disasters there. I bought some of the featured patterns but I wanted to do something more. Earlier in the same round I had completed photo-apr-04-10-12-25-amphoto-apr-04-10-12-18-amphoto-apr-04-10-13-00-amPixelatedMushroom’s John Barrowman pattern and as I looked at Captain Jack sitting there it came to me… I needed something that people love and that embodied the spirit of not giving up to offer up for the auction. I then here a song in the back of my brain …. “Take my love. Take my land. Take me where I cannot stand. I don’t care I’m still free, you can’t take the sky from me….” I needed another captain. I needed to make Mal Reynolds. With some modification Captain Jack turned into Captain Malcolm :D and I am fiercely proud of it. Complete with Removable Brown Coat and his own Gun and Leg Holster.img_0080img_0079img_0082img_0078

Iimg_0081 am happy to say that Captain Mal was auctioned off and did make a profit (not as much as I was hoping but some) and the generous person that purchased him made an additional donation to the Red Cross as he felt he got such a deal on him. I am glad I could make something that could raise money for a worthy cause and encourage the people of Japan to do their best and keep their heads up through these trying times. As people of the world we should help regardless of nationality people in trouble and personally I will continue to do what I can to help.

Ok I am off my soapbox and back to the yarn with me!

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Free Pattern – Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants: from Scholastic book fame this character created by Dav Pilkey is very loved by a friend-o-mine’s son.  So as an Easter gift I made this up for him.





  • Worsted weight yarn or any type but be sure that the weight of all colors used is the same
  • Size I (5.50mm) crochet hook(or any size variation you feel comfortable with)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Polyester fiber filling or cotton wool

Gauge: Not really important in this project

Design Notes: This pattern is worked in rounds and uses Embroidery and a Picot stitch to achieve the details.  If you are unfamiliar with a picot stitch please review the link below for more information

This pattern has not really been tested other than by me so please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors at

Directions:  If you would prefer a PDF version of the pattern you can download that here (Captain Underpants)

Round 1: sc 6 in magic loop
Round 2: inc each stitch
Round 3: sc then inc
Round 4: sc 2x then inc
Round 5: sc 3x then inc
Round 6: sc 4x then inc
Round 7: sc straight
Round 8: sc 5x then inc
Rounds 9- 13: sc straight
Round 14: change to flesh tone sc straight
Round 15: sc 5x then dec
Round 16: sc straight
Round 17: sc 4x the dec
Round 18: sc straight
Round 19: sc 3x then dec
Rounds 20-22: sc straight
Round 23: sc 2x then dec
Round 24: sc straight
** at this point you will want to add the stuffing**
Round 25: sc then dec
Round 26: dec every stitch
finish off

Arms (make 2)
Round 1: sc 6 in magic loop
Round 2: sc then inc
Rounds 3-12: sc straight
finish off

Legs (make 2)
Round 1: sc 6 in magic loop
Round 2: inc every stitch
Round 3: sc then {popcorn and sc in the same stitch} 4x to make toes sc rest of the round
Round 4: sc then dec over toes (the popcorn stitch and the sc) sc in each stitch across
Round 5: sc then dec 2x then sc rest of the round (10 sts total)
Rounds 6-12: sc straight
finish off

Chain 35 and finish off the chain this will be for the cord to tie it around
Row 1: skip the first 10 sts in the chain and attach yarn to the 11th chain sc in the next 15 stitches
Row 2: inc sc till the last stitch and 2 sc in the last
Row 3: sc straight
Row 4: inc, sc till the last stitch, 2 sc in the last
Row 5-7: sc straight
Row 8: inc, sc till the last stitch, 2 sc in the last
Row 9: sc straight
Row 10: Picot stitch (sc then chain 3 ss in the second and 3rd chain and sc in the next stitch) the last row finish off

The ears are made as a simple chain 3 attached to the head at rounds 20-21 attach the ear at the bottom to row 20 and straight up to row 21 for the top side of the ear

I opted to lightly stuff the arms and legs so that they are bendable.  I just put a bit of polyester stuffing at the ends of the arms and feet leaving the rest floppy.

img_0148Embroidery is the biggest part of it which is what makes him look like the character.
Embroider the waistband at the point of the color change and the round below.  There will be a section that does not line up correctly this is ok when you attach the arms and the cape you will not see it.  img_0145Don’t forget the part of the Y front along with nipples and eyebrows.  Here is the best picture for reference of what to make the face look like that I have.

I also opted to stitch the cape on to him to prevent it being lost but that is up to you.

Obligatory Disclaimer: As always I have no affiliations with Dav Pilkey or Scholastic Publishing in any way. This pattern is to make an inspired by crochet item and is not branded as anything affiliated with the Captain Underpants books, the writer an illustrator, or Scholastic Publishing.  The following pattern is presented for personal use only and not for profit.  Please do not sell or redistribute this pattern as your own and if the pattern is used please link back to me as I would love to see the finished products :D

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That’s no moon….. Death Star Plushie

•    Worsted weight yarn or any type but be sure that the weight of all colors used is the same
•    Size I (5.50mm) crochet hook
•    Tapestry needle

Gauge: Not really important in this project

Design Notes: This pattern is worked in round rows and uses surface slip stitch to do the detail work.  If you are unfamiliar with surface slip stitch please refer to the following site for more information:

This pattern has not really been tested other than by me so please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors at

Directions: (if you would prefer a PDF version of the pattern it is available here – death star pattern revised)

This item is worked in rows not a spiral as it is easier to do the details when finished if it is full rows


ch 2 or magic loop sc 6 times and ss to the first stitch to finish the row then ch 1 and turn

row 2: 2 sc in each (12)
row 3 and every odd row till row 10: sc straight
row 4: inc every other stitch (18)
row 6: inc then 2 sc (24)
row 8: inc then 3 sc (30)
row 10: inc then 4 sc (36)
row 11-14: sc straight
row 15: change to dark grey sc straight
row 16-18: sc straight in light grey
row 19: dec then sc in next 4 (30)
row 20  sc straight
row 21: dec then sc in next 3 (24)
row 22: sc straight

I know that it looks alot like an egg at this point but you have to trust me that when you add the stuffing it will not look that way.


Now you are going to stop for the moment (leaving the light gray attached to the item add a stitch marker or something to make sure that it does not pull through and we are going to do the surface crochet details.  for more information on surface crochet see the following references:

This is the best tutorial I could find to help.  If you have any questions on it please let me know and I will help in any way I can.

What you are adding for details is a circle starting 4 rows above the mid line the pattern will look like this:

- – - – x x- – - -
- – - x – - x – - -
- – x – - – - x – -
- – x – - – - x – -
- – - x – - x – - -
- – - – x x – - – -


the line segments are done in either groups of 2, 3, or 4 staggered however many sections you would like to have leaving a space of 2 rows in between sections to make the distinction.  The lines are 4 stitches long and start one row above the mid-line example:

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
- x – x – x – - – x – x – - – - x – x – x – x – - x – x – x
- x – x – x – - – x – x – - – - x – x – x – x – - x – x – x
- x – x – x – - – x – x – - – - x – x – x – x – - x – x – x
- x – x – x – - – x – x – - – - x – x – x – x – - x – x – x
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


the bottom of the sphere is repeated the same way as the top without the circle.  You will notice that the bottom section is a lot harder to keep the lines straight due to the decreases this is OK as it will be rounded when stuffed and will not be seen.  I made the bottom section lines about 1 row to the right of the section above it so that they looked staggered when you looked at the sphere straight on.


Picking up the light gray again continue on

row 23: dec then sc in next 2 (18)
row 24: sc straight

**** stop here to add stuffing ****

row 25: dec then sc in next 1 (12)
row 26: dec every stitch (6)

finish off leaving a tail to stitch the bottom closed.


and you are done :D

Obligatory disclaimer – I am in no way affiliated with Lucasfilm or anything to do with the StarWars franchise.  This pattern is to make a inspired by crochet item and is not branded as anything affiliated with the StarWars franchise.  The following pattern is presented for personal use only and not for profit.  Please do not sell or redistribute this pattern as your own and if the pattern is used please link back to me as I would love to see the finished products :D

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Second Round Completed

The second round of NerdWars is over now and I though that I would share with you my completed projects f0r this round.

Challenge 1 (Giving Geeks): Help someone finish a work in progress because they are not able or use yarn gifted (either passed down or given) to make a project.  I was given some variegated brown fun fur yarn some time ago, more like it was tossed at me in a huff with the comment of “I have no idea how you work with crap like this!” but I digress.  I was looking for something to make with it and ran across a pattern for a cactus, Claude the Cactus to be exact.  My mom has been missing my grandfather lately.  Sometimes life just brings you to the point where you need your dad and if he is not there you miss him.  Being that his name was Claude and lived in Arizona till he passed away it seemed very appropriate.  So here he is Claude the cactus who now resides on my mom’s desk at work keeping her company and reminding her that a part of my grandfather is still here with her.

Challenge 2 (Scientific): Create a project based on Capillary Action.  In this one I was at a complete loss to figure out what to make to connect to the StarWars universe so I went for what I know better… Silly Video Games :D

031101110803110111100311011108aMy friend’s sons are HUGE into Plants Vs Zombies so for their birthday party I decided to make something inspired by PvZ.  I found a pattern for a Pea Shooter.  I have big development plans in the future for an Gatling Pea and a Kernal-pult and many many others.  Is it wrong at 30 to have a room full of stuffed toys on display, they will encourage defenses against zombie attacks…..

Challenge 3 (Technical): Use multiple techniques to complete a project.  0314011334bWe had Mardi Gras day here at work, a bit late I know but it was fun.  In this instance everyone had to decorate a mask that they would then wear on the day of the party.  Being me I decorated mine with yarn appliques and drawings.  It was a rather big hit and I am proud of it.  It now has a place of honor in my cube.

Challenge 4 (Nerd Culture): Take a picture of yourself knitting in a public place or participate in a yarnbombing.  Being that it is freaking cold here up until recently I was not about to go outside and fight the cold to decorate something I opted to take pictures.  I have recently started going to the local book store on Wednesdays for the weekly meeting of the ManchVegas Knitters and hanging out with my fellow fiberistas.  So far it has been going well.  0302012010a0302012010One night I was working on something for my nephew and noticed a perfect opportunity to meet my challenge.  So here is Capt’n Squid hanging out in the local book store (as seen by sitting next to my blackberry soda).  Hunter in turn loved him and was beating him up as soon as he was given to him (which is kinda the best you can expect from a 4 month old)

Challenge 5 (Intellectual): Create a “Warrior Shield” for either you or someone in your fandom.  For this challenge I did the 3D Sleep Mask and pattern which you can read about here :D

And finally Challenge 6 (Team Spirit): Create a project based off of the phrase “In like a lion out like a lamb” As soon as I read this I knew what I had to do.  WAMPA!!!





Yes I made a plushie version of the monster that tried to kill Luke from Empire Strikes Back.  He has claws and tusks that are made from Model Magic and then stitched into him.  He is then covered in a mix of Lion Brad Homespun yarn and Red Heart Light and Lofty to get the very hairy texture in his appearance.  I am very happy with how he turned out :D

So now we are in a new month and the last round of Tournament 1.  I am currently hard at work meeting new challenges and I have some new patterns coming shortly.  Till then back to the yarn with me :D

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Pattern Modification And The Cute Couple

Some of the best modifications come from a basic pattern.  For example starting with something as simple as Sackboy from Little Big Planet.  Something this cute needs a huggable version and thus a crochet pattern is born.  The best one that I could find to use (and there are several) came from Nerdigurumi and with a few modifications to the hands (mostly because I didn’t understand the pattern) I came out with a Sackboy of my very own.  img_2766

Now this Sackboy is special because he was going on a very special swap project destination.  His destiny was to travel all the way to Singapore to our friend Yaney as part of a Steampunk themed swap.  As we all know you can’t just not dress the part so of course he came with accessories.




He made his journey as a British Adventurer Sackboy complete with pith helmet and elephant gun.  I am pleased to say that he reached his destination without delays and was very well received on the other side :D

As we continue on with our modification journey a few more modifications timg_2769o the pattern and Mini Chip was born.  I had not thought about making a complete human form before really.  There were the Stuffies that originally started the production process but those looked more like weebles than anything else (see the example Matt Smith a modification from Creepy Cute Crochet) .  So when I started working on the Mini Chip I was surprised at how easily it came.  Changes to the head (to make it more human and less flat) and lengthen the torso to make it have more of a human form and we get one of my favorite projects in recent memory.

02070112210207011222Mini Chip started as a joke when Real Chip was away on a business trip.  A comment was made that he was not needed as I could make his replacement out of yarn.  Once he was completed the real Chip likes him as much as I do.  However we can’t have Mini Chip be lonely, so further modifications were done to create a Mini Meggie to keep Mini Chip company.  It took a few months to get it down right and there are a few discrepancies but in all I think she bears a bit of a resemblance.

img_2852img_2855img_2854There are 3 differences between this version and me

1. She is a bit skinnier than I am but I attribute that to artistic license

2. She does not have glasses though in truth neither does Mini Chip and we both wear them now.

3. Her hair does not totally match mine. She has the hair color that I want to have but have not found a hairdresser brave enough to give it to me yet. But I will!

The details that do match she has my tattoo on her ankle, my affection for black eye makeup, and my favorite summer dress and sandals. All in all I think a fair representationimg_2851img_2850.

Of course we have to have some pictures of the happy yarny couple just to show the match that they make for each other.

In short any pattern that you have out there can be modified using some very simple tricks to create something uniquely your own and that you will love.  More to come soon about NerdWars and all kinds of gamer projects till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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Free Crochet Pattern – 3D Glasses Sleep Mask

For the Ravelry NerdWars competition we had the challenge of creating a shield for either a warrior or something precious to us. As I am on Team Rogue Squadron (StarWars Fans)  my shield project is something that I know is a bit of a reach but here goes. In my opinion THX1138 is George Lucas’ baby which he protects and cares for and StarWars is his cash cow which he changes whenever he is in need of more money. That being said it is rumored that he will be releasing StarWars in 3D soon. As much as I hate to give him my money yet again to walk out of the theater minus a bit of my childhood I am too much of a fan not to be there for the midnight showing. (sidenote nothing like seeing a movie that you love with the people that love it as much as you do)

In the spirit of shielding something precious to me I offer the 3D glasses sleep mask




to be used as either prep for the midnight showing nap or to cover your eyes in those particularly horrible scenes cough cough Jar Jar that may come up. Happy Viewing all and sorry for the weirdness of the pictures as I had to take them myself and it is hard to take a picture when you can not see where your camera is.

The Pattern to make this for yourself is as follows:


  • Worsted weight yarn or any type but be sure that the weight of all colors used is the same
  • Size G (4mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: Not really important in this project

Design Notes: This pattern is worked flat with inlay colors. For more information on how to inlay colors or carry colors please refer to or

This pattern has not really been tested other than by me so please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors  at


Ch 13

Row 1: sc in the second chain from the hook then sc straight across 12 sts

Rows 2-7: sc straight

Rows 8 – 15: sc 4 sts in white then 5 in red finishing with 3 in white

Row 16: sc in the next 4 in white then 5 in red change to white for 1 sc the dec over the last 2 stitches (start of the dent for the nose)

Row 17: sc in white only dec in first 2 stitches then continue till the end of the row

Row 18: sc straight

Row 19: 2sc in the first sc then sc straight till the end of the row

Row 20: (start of the blue section) Follow the pattern for the red section leaving 4 white stitches at the top and for this row the 5 in blue and change to white for 1 stitch and 2 sc in the last

Rows 21-29: continue in the pattern as follows 4 white at the top 5 blue then 3 white on the side of the nose dent

Rows 30-36: continue in only white sc in each stitch across

Finish off and weave in ends


Starting across the top of the mask sc in each stitch around doing 2 sc in the corners to turn all the way around.  When you get to the first side of the mask sc in the first 5 then chain a length that fits snugly around your head adding an extra 4 chains when you have reached the desired length.

Dc from the forth chain from the hook till the end of row.  The next part gets a bit tricky and if you choose not to attach it this way that is fine you can just skip 2 and continue down the other side.  For the stronger attachment of the strap do as follows.

Chain 3 at the end of your double crochet band then sc through both the side of the mask and the chain that you just made for 3 stitches then continue on to finish the side.

Continue on straight till you reach the other side corner of the mask at this point sc up 5 till you reach the point where you will attach the other side of the strap.

If you did the reinforced strap above you will sc through the mask and the chain row of the strap for 3 stitches and then continue on to finish the outside row

If not you will want to ss in the next 2 stitches and sc through the last stitch of the strap and continue on to finish the sc border.  Once completed finish off and weave in the ends.

Here is a copy in PDF (3d Glasses sleep mask) if you would rather have it in that format.  Enjoy and please link the pattern if you make it I would love to see what they look like.

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First Round Completed

Well I made it through the first round of Nerd Wars just in time so I am very excited about that.  For those who are paying attention you will remember in my last post I was having issues with some of the challenges.  The remaining ones were Valentines Day for Team Spirit, Ionic Bonding for Technical, and Prime Numbers for Intellectual.  The results are as follows:

My Valentines Day submission for Rogue Squadron is my “Hiding in plain sight” Pennant as a gift for the head of Cloud City Lando Calrissian! Sometimes when you are supporting a Rebel organization and are in higher positions in society you want to show your pride and support but would rather not be that blatant about it.



This item is for you then. Crochet in an illusion stitch it looks like just a safe color accent however when tipped you see your true Rogue Pride :D


Next we have Ionic Bonding and for that I create the Rogue Wristcuff

My Rogue Wristcuff used 3 different fiber types to produce this item a worsted weight wool (the red color) a worsted weight acrylic (the black) and a fingering weight angora (edging) the 2 worsted weights worked well together as they are approximately the same thickness I used the slightly thicker one as the inlaid color so that the cuff size would not vary too much. I added the angora edging still using the same hook but did half double crochet rather than single crochet to get the correct thickness. In the pictures you can see the yarn thicknesses used and of course that it fits me :D

I was not overly happy with the image of 02080107280208010728athe logo it looked better on paper than it did when it was completed. I had to scale it down a bit to make it so that it could be used in the wrist cuff rather than a half sleeve which is what it would have been in its original form.

And last we have Prime Numbers.  This challenge was a bit taxing trying to think of something that would fit. Then there was a spark of inspiration when a friend of mine told me that they are having a baby girl and when I started to make a gift for the baby and I saw the colors together it hit me.  Tattoine Sunset Star Blanket


As far as the prime numbers criteria it is 5 rows of color and 1 row of white for the pattern to be completed in color segments of 2 variegated 3 white and 1 pink. I love how it turned out and I hope that the end recipient loves it as much as I do.

So now we are in a new month and have new challenges.  As soon as I work through what to make for them you will be the first to know.  Till then back to the yarn with me :D

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