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So it is with a rather heavy heart that I say goodbye to YarnyDoom.  There has been some dramatic changes in my life since I started this site.  The purchase and then loss of our beloved hedgehog Lord Malcom Snufflington. … Continue reading

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Knitting and Life Changes

So as you can all tell if anyone is still here, I have not been around recently.  This is mostly because my life has kinda gone upside down.  On the plus side I am able to knit which is definitely … Continue reading

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6 Months And No Change

So here we are at the 6 month mark since I have posted anything…. no projects, no patterns, nothing…. and that is depressing.  Not to mention that the Fibromyalgia is so much worse right now all I do is curl … Continue reading

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Ummm Yeah….. Crocheting…. Can I do that?

Given recent physical ailments as previously noted I have been having more and more issues crocheting.  This is becoming a bit hard for me to deal with as I really am a hooker to my core.  I miss it, but … Continue reading

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Tiny Hat Spam

So as promised yesterday here are the rest of the test runs that I have currently completed.               So far the Blue Green one and the Pink and Black with the Butterflies are my … Continue reading

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NerdWars T4 R2 Projects and Bad Anime

I have been watching some seriously bad anime as of late.  Netflix has added way more to their anime selections and I have been going through it.  I am slightly disappointed that they do not have the dubbed version of … Continue reading

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Missing In Action…

I have lost my crafting mojo lately.  I am not sure what is going on whether I am playing too much Minecraft or what but I have had little to no desire to knit or crochet.  That being said I … Continue reading

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OMG Etsy!

So it is official… YarnyDoom has its own Etsy shop Launched a few days ago to get our gifts to the masses please visit and let me know what you think. Also if there is anything that you would like … Continue reading

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Nerd Wars Tournament 3

So it is that time again where we re-up for Nerd Wars. I personally love Nerd Wars its like crafting with purpose which is always a good time. Nerd Wars has grown so much since the beginning. The first tournament … Continue reading

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Looking For Some Feedback

I am planning to do my very first craft fair coming up in December and when prepping for it I was struggling with what to bring.  Do I make YarnyDoom stand out or be just another table?  When mulling over … Continue reading

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