6 Months And No Change

So here we are at the 6 month mark since I have posted anything…. no projects, no patterns, nothing…. and that is depressing.  Not to mention that the Fibromyalgia is so much worse right now all I do is curl up and wait for it to stop.  Knitting is a bit easier than crochet but again nothing that I can work on consistently.

So given that I have been doing other things recently to keep myself entertained though unfortunately nothing creative.  I do the Giggles and Red show with the fantastic Ms. Gina,   which is always fun.  I have also been spending my fair share of time on the internet mostly drooling over things I can’t make.

I wanted to let everyone know (or if I have anyone reading this anymore) that I am still here just on extended medical leave so to speak.  I wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone out there and I hope all your hand made projects make it gift wrapped on time :)

Have a wonderful Holiday and I will see you all if the world doesn’t end after the New Year!

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