Ummm Yeah….. Crocheting…. Can I do that?

Given recent physical ailments as previously noted I have been having more and more issues crocheting.  This is becoming a bit hard for me to deal with as I really am a hooker to my core.  I miss it, but sadly it hurts.  Which would be the delay in posting anything new and why I opted out of NerdWars this tournament and why I had to drop out of the highly controversial Ravelympics  2012 (or as it is now known Ravellenic Games).

I can still knit but I am so damn slow it takes me forever.  I have been working on a Smash Book  scrapbook so that when/if Chip and I ever get pregnant the baby will know who Mommy was Before she was Mommy. The hats and the friendship bracelets keep me from going crazy but my personal brand of heroin is crochet and always has been.

It messes with your head to be sick and not able to do the one thing that you truly love.  Not only do you have the whole ick thing of feeling crappy but then you get the additional pain of the one thing that you could do to make it go away is too painful or exhausting to do.  I know I am not athletic at all (when the fiance takes me hiking I complain the entire way up and down whatever we are hiking) but I would relate it to running.  If you run every day and that is your time to clear your head and then you pull your hamstring and can’t run anymore.  You now struggle with finding that peace of mind space that you had before.

So if there are readers out there (and given the frequency of which I post I would think not) are there any suggestions to loosen up the points in my shoulders and neck that will let me have my hook back?  Please post your comments here if you have anything as it might help someone else too.

Until such time as I am able to produce more yarny creatures to love…. Back to the Scrapbook with me :)

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