NerdWars T4 R2 Projects and Bad Anime

I have been watching some seriously bad anime as of late.  Netflix has added way more to their anime selections and I have been going through it.  I am slightly disappointed that they do not have the dubbed version of Death Note only the Japanese version.  This means that I have to pay attention and not crochet while watching which cramps my style.  I am afraid to admit to some of the titles that I have been watching … Lets just say that monsters in highschool are the story lines that I have been into… That and all of them have lots of terrible fan-service shots that make me laugh.

Aside from the couch potato-ness I have been working on a few things and have some exciting things on the horizon including a pattern partnership with Gina House of SleepyEyes Knits! I am very excited about that.

Now on to the projects!! This tournament for NerdWars I have to admit I have not been psyched about.  It could be just me or the fact that my team has grown HUGE and I have not been able to keep up with the conversation.  I leave for 2 days and come back to over 500 posts that I have to read to just stay caught up and it is a bit taxing.  Add additional Real Life factors and this does not make for a very jazzed YarnyDoom.  That being said I have not been aiming for “Gleaming the Cube” (finishing all the projects per round) just shooting for what appeals.  This time I have Hunter’s Easter Chicken, Tiny Easter Bunny, Robo-Bunny, the Yarn Dagger, and the *Super Secret Project* that will have more information on it later as it is not ready for the world yet (though if you are on Ravelry you will already know what it is)

So starting with Hunters Easter Chicken.  Also known as Eggy which is a pattern by AmiAmour who I love her work.  I am totally in awe with some of the Sackboy based commissions that she does (see her Sackboy Gallery to check them out) this is one of her easier patterns. 99b38a74-dee2-44d7-ae64-8eca3ca5d883  77f77991-7214-473d-993b-67e16f623e05  f069a821-1bf0-430e-bb71-fb5fe8ada648 I did skip the beak as I could not for the life of me figure out how it attaches to the project so I just went the embroidery route.  I did an Easter Bunny for Hunter last year and to keep it different I thought I would do a chick instead.  Then when I started making him I really wanted the coxcomb on top so he became a full chicken :D

Tiny Easter Bunny: There is a group on Ravelry called The Tiny Bunnies Movement which I am a part of.  I have mentioned them before I think but I love them so easter-tbmit is worth talking about again.  In the tradition of random acts of kindness Tiny Bunnies are created and left for people just because.  I like personally leaving them for waitstaff as part of their tip just as an additional thank you.  For the scraps challenge TBM bunnies are perfect!

Robo-bunny is for the States of Matter challenge I needed to link a material in a particular state to 2 fandoms.  I just bought Voodoo Maggie’s Adorable Amigurumi book and wanted to make the0ea8e5bc-7f48-49b0-afed-41dac930bc49 Dust Bunny Pattern 832f6162-5d65-498d-a2ac-68ace3f7167das0a55700e-2323-4854-abce-9f55eab120f3 soon as I bought it.  So I picked some stash yarn that has been laying around for just this side of forever and went for it.  You will notice that the bunny has no arms and no eye circles…. the eye circles were left out intentionally ….. the arms…. not so much but now that I look at him I am not sure that he needs them (which is good because I ran out of yarn)

img_1112img_1111The Yarn Dagger was another strange work up. This one is my own design that I am trying to work the kinks out of before posting it for a sword.  I was in the process of scaling it down to be Nephew sized and it kinda went sideways.  I know what happened and when I write up the sword pattern it will be resolved but for now it is just a quick one shot at something silly.  As you can see from the photos I had a bit of fun with this one :D

Now that all of that is done I can go back to my Minecraft and horrible Anime!! … what …. all right fine … Back to the yarn with me!

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2 Responses to NerdWars T4 R2 Projects and Bad Anime

  1. Gina House says:

    I LOVE the picture of you being “stabby” with the sword! Awesome! I can’t wait to finish my last book design so I can focus full time on our blanket pattern – it’s going to be soo cool!! :D

  2. Gina House says:

    Oh, I forgot to say that the chickens are adorable! *chirp*

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