Missing In Action…

I have lost my crafting mojo lately.  I am not sure what is going on whether I am playing too much Minecraft or what but I have had little to no desire to knit or crochet.  That being said I am trying to force myself out of this stalled state by making some projects that are either not my patterns or mindless enough that the action of making the items does not require thought but the end results are cool.

I have been talking recently with my friend Gina about getting some of my patterns out on paper and working on publishing them.  As there are the concerns about copyright infringements with my work I want to be very sure that I am not stepping on anyone’s toes with the patterns I select.  That being said I feel there is a very strong need for a geek friendly knit and crochet book and personally I was greatly disappointed with the recent book I found called Knits for Nerds.  There are only a few patterns that I would make and I think personally I could do better.

So wish me luck in the quest for my mojo and hopefully I will be back and better than ever and in print :D

Till then back to the yarn with me!

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