Nerd Wars Tournament 3

So it is that time again where we re-up for Nerd Wars. I personally love Nerd Wars its like crafting with purpose which is always a good time. Nerd Wars has grown so much since the beginning. The first tournament I could easily follow all the threads and chatter even in the off topic areas. It was great to see what everyone was into and to share what you were into with other people eager to learn about it. So naturally with it being the coolest place on the internet it has caught on like wildfire and now I sometimes struggle to keep up with it. Don’t get me wrong more people means more fun means a larger pattern queue for me seeing all the cool stuff that other people are making. In this case the more the merrier but I do get lost sometimes in it. Being away for 3 days means that I come back to like 300 posts in the team thread and over a thousand in the common areas. I hope to be more active and chatty in that area next month.

So I am on 1-up again for this round and could not be happier about it and have some great plans for Christmas craft projects coming up too so stay tuned for an Off-center Christmas presented by yours truly :D

Other than that on a personal front October has been kinda crazy so I have not been here a lot trying to deal with the real world stuff that can easily get in the way of crafting. Stupid life I demand to see your manager! (hehehe Portal 2). I should be posting some new stuff soon too I just wanted to say before it is too late ….

Have a wonderful and happy holiday (as it is my favorite of the year) and I shall post again soon I promise.
Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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