Work, Pain, and Yarn

Status report: I know I seem to have fallen off the planet or something but I swear I am still here.  Recently (and I will spare you the horrible and embarrassing details of these events) I have had some medical issues that have had me sick for just over 2 months at this point.  At this point I am finally on the other side of it but sadly not totally over it yet.  Patients is needed and that dear readers is not one of the virtues I possess.  Long story short however (too late) I am back and hopefully better than ever.

Nerd Wars Round 2 is just about at its end and I was working up till the wire this time trying to get everything submitted on time.  I am sadly way behind on my dissertation project at check in and I may have to scale back my goals to just do the daytime level but we shall seen.  So now on to the projects.

Technical: Alternative Yarnality (use an alternative yarn in a project)
One man’s trash…. Is another man’s ammunition

For this challenge I made a crochet Plarn desk cup. I just finished my bag of poly-fill that I keep at my desk and was looking at the bag… I was then reminded of Fallout 3 and the Rock-It Launcher.  It is a gun that over the course of the game you build that you then use as a weapon armed with garbage that you find as you go through. One of my favorite weapons in the game just because the vacuum cleaner noise when you arm it makes me laugh. How does this relate to the project you ask? Good question :) It relates because a resourceful crafter is never left without a project and can make something out of practically nothing.
So I took my empty polly-fill bag and cut it into plarn and made a cup to hold my vending machine change.

Scientific: Scientific Method (apply the scientific method to a yarn craft)

Crochet GlaDos cores

Question: Can I make a stand-up structure that will have noticeable distance from the finished ami with no internal support
Hypothesis: I believe it is possible however without reducing to my steel crochet hooks unlikely
Experimentation: At the end of the game Portal you have to confront the computer GlaDos and in turn her personality cores. The core has a handle on both the top and bottom side. Most of the plushies that I have seen for this core leave off the handles or embroider them in as an aesthetic item but with no distance from the main core. In the past with things like this I would crochet around a pipe cleaner to give the item structure so that it would hold away from the base. I wondered if the item was completely crocheted would I still be able to get the expected visual result. I tested using the same gauge and yarn as the finished ami and went down 1 hook size (in this case an H hook for the ami and handle and then down to a G for the handle)

Analysis: after several attempts and some serious trial and error I was able to find a crochet solution. It appears that the key to it was making a solid piece the below image is the steps that were followed to make that happen.
I started with a base of 3sc then did another row of 3 ss the 2 rows together to make the base then chain 4 placed a loop from the colored section then ss to the chain so that the loop is embedded in the stitch then finished the ss and added one more in the top of the base section to make it stable and finished that side then chain 6 in the colored section and repeat with the loop in the next side (as previously stated) and ss 5 times with the colored section and finish off. The G hook made a more sturdy handle that can hold up on its own.

Conclusion: complete success as you can see with the cores below that the handles help not only to make them sit upright but also have noticeable distance from the ami center eye.

and here they are on their own Morality, Curiosity, Knowledge/Cake, And Anger



Giving Geeks: Puppy Love (make and donate a project made for pets)

For this I have crochet and general yarn cat toys. We had to put down our cat Bailey last year just before we moved into our own home where he would have had tons of room to play. That gap is still felt with us however we are not ready for a new cat yet. 100000054110000005391000000540I put together a donation for our friend Claire who is a foster kitty mommy for an organization called pets in need. Our Bailey loved pompom toys so1000000538 I made a bunch of them in various colors some as you can see with the inspiration from the Pokemon games :)
I also have catnip Mario inspired coins all of them on long strings for dangling or attaching to sticks later.   I hope that they will get much love and use to make the kitties happy

Team Spirit: Its Fun To Be Bad (make a project based on being bad or villains)
Here are my Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper

img_0507img_0506img_0512Sometimes being bad is just one of the things that you have to do. Being a faceless minion is not an easy job but no evil overlord is complete without them :) img_0511 img_0513as bad guys go they can be as bad as it gets walking into the Jedi temple to kill young-lings for example. Mine is a bit more on the entertaining side as I have chosen to make my inspiration from Lego StarWars in this case. This is also in homage to my team for last round with Rogue Squadron and our team unity project for Stealing your Doodz :D

There are still 2 more left to go and they are finished but at home so I will create another post with them as soon as they are posted for credit.

I sadly also had to ask that my dissertation be modified as I have been sick and have not had the energy to work on it.  I am hoping that they hear my plea and let me just concentrate on the day time level for PvZ so that I can accomplish it.  as always I will keep you posted on the results.  Well now that all that is done I think I need a nap!  I am around should any questions or special requests come up and until then back to the yarn with me! :D

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