Is YarnyDoom Dead?

Yeah yeah yeah I know I have been missing for just this side of forever but no YarnyDoom is not dead. In fact we here at YarnyDoom are working really hard on something big! For those of you who follow what is going on here you are vaguely familiar with NerdWars and some of the projects that I have made centered around it. At the end of the last tournament I was not sure if I would sign up again as I was struggling to find things that fit the group theme that I was attached to. So I rolled the dice again and this time landed on Team 1-up which is video game themed, a subject that is near and dear to my heart :)

Challenges this month were as follows:


Nerd Culture: Make a project based off of a YouTube video

My selection was the song that has forced itself into my head and just stuck there since I heard it “Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

Here is my interpretation of “The Man Who Arranges The Blocks” complete with Soviet Union worker outfit, Stalin style facial hair, and his own blocks to arrange.



Team Spirit: Make something that shows your fandom loyalty

For this one I looked back fondly to our trip to San Deigo Comic-Con. One of my favorite things in the vendor hall (and trust me there was a lot that was awesome in that hall) was the folks from “The Behemoth”. Now if you have not played Castle Crashers or Alien Hominid you need to …. Now…. go ahead and try it I will just wait here….. *humming to herself*…………… OH!! You’re back now… YAY!! and now you see what I mean :D. They make messed up, all around fun games. In honor of that I made an Alien Hominid from the pattern here at Nerdagami



Intellectual: Make a project based off of a well known adage

I hear my dad in the back of my head with this one and the classic comment of “If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you?” In thinking about this statement there was no better selection then a Lemming!!

Here is my Lemming, using this pattern from PlanetJune. He is embodying a stop lemming which is one of the ones that you use to prevent them all walking off a cliff. photo1-1photo1_1photo1-2 See how his arms are out at his sides :)


Giving Geeks: Make or purchase baby items to donate

Baby Bootie donation box :D
a total of 7 pairs of baby booties were sent off to Baby Threads of NH that create baby take home bags for new mommies with limited means. Team Spirit you ask You betcha! First we have the Invinco-booties :D inspired by the Invincibility star in Super Mario Brothers video games (there are 2 pairs of those in the box)

img_0451Also we have the “Your Baby Wears Combat Booties” baby booties recommended for all you First person shooter and Call of Duty fans out there :D


Technical: make a 3 dimensional project

There is a side note of a Team Unity project it is almost like a free project to use in a img_0442challenge along the way to have everyone do the same thing. In our case it was a Magnetic Katamari from the Katamari Damacy game :D and here is mine. Just to add a little bit more geek flavor to it the color scheme was inspired by the superhero The Flash


Scientific: Lightning in celebration of Ben Franklin’s kite experiment on June 15th, 1752

For this one something instantly jumped into my head and I just ran with it. Electrical Pokemon :D So here is my Pikachu. Created as a combination of 2 patterns. This one from WolfDreamer and This one from Tiamat Creations (which is in French)photo1_0photo


Challenges began June first and in almost record time for me I was able to complete all of them in the first 2 weeks. In addition however I also took on a “Dissertation” which is a long term project that is supposed to take the duration of the competition to complete (3 months in total). The suggested dissertation that I am planning is based on Plants Vs Zombies and should take me every minute of the 3 months, it is that ambitious!

I hope to make a full game layout for 2 levels (the day front yard level and the nighttime front yard level) This project will entail the following:

A full defensive line up for each level and at least 3 zombies for each. The playing field is laid out in the front lawn grid like these

I plan on the following plants for each level:

Day level: Sunflower, Peashooter, Cherry Bomb, Wallnut, Potatomine, Snowpea, Chomper, and Repeater

Night level: Sun-Shroom, Puff-shroom, Fume-shroom, Grave Buster, Hypno-shroom, Scardey-shroom, Ice-shroom, and Doom-shroom

A total of 16 plant varieties (patterns written for each). Game would not be complete without Zombies so I plan to do at least 3 zombies per level. They would be:

Day level: Normal Zombie, Flag Zombie, and Cone-head Zombie

Night Level: Bucket Head Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dancer Zombie

Completed set up would look something like this

so total would be:
16 plant patterns all my own design
6 Zombies (roughly based of the same pattern with mods for each)
A minimum total of 25 plants per level
5 of each plant in rows like you would play the game

Pattern dimensions and information: each plant will stand about 4.5 to 5 inches tall and Zombies would be about 5.5 to 6 inches tall and should be able to stand under their own power. as they are intended to sell there will be no weighting in the bases (as it comes out and can be a choking hazard) and details will either be crochet or fabric paints which are non toxic. All items will be made out of acrylic yarn and polyester stuffing to prevent allergens.

The end result would be set up at the flea@MIT for sale before they shut down for the year.

In volume alone we are talking about a minimum of 56 completed pieces that are parts to be assembled and 21 completed patterns that will be posted upon completion. Even with my crochet speed this will still be time consuming to finish.

img_0278spudminewallnutI do have a few samples to show prior to the grand unveiling when it is finished. I have written patterns for each and will post them when the whole thing is finished. And they are the Peashooter, Potato Mine, and Wallnut

Add into that new responsibilities at work, I am traveling now which is cool. And my standard fight with illnesses and you have one very stressed out fiberista. It is starting to calm down a bit however we have hit the birthday season in my family. As a crafter I like to add touches like that to my gifts if I can that will keep me a bit busier. As always I do accept and have some commission projects that are coming due as well.

So long story short (too late) stay tuned for some major projects on the horizon and hopefully a bit of press for it if I can pull the whole thing off.

Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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