Second Round Completed

The second round of NerdWars is over now and I though that I would share with you my completed projects f0r this round.

Challenge 1 (Giving Geeks): Help someone finish a work in progress because they are not able or use yarn gifted (either passed down or given) to make a project.  I was given some variegated brown fun fur yarn some time ago, more like it was tossed at me in a huff with the comment of “I have no idea how you work with crap like this!” but I digress.  I was looking for something to make with it and ran across a pattern for a cactus, Claude the Cactus to be exact.  My mom has been missing my grandfather lately.  Sometimes life just brings you to the point where you need your dad and if he is not there you miss him.  Being that his name was Claude and lived in Arizona till he passed away it seemed very appropriate.  So here he is Claude the cactus who now resides on my mom’s desk at work keeping her company and reminding her that a part of my grandfather is still here with her.

Challenge 2 (Scientific): Create a project based on Capillary Action.  In this one I was at a complete loss to figure out what to make to connect to the StarWars universe so I went for what I know better… Silly Video Games :D

031101110803110111100311011108aMy friend’s sons are HUGE into Plants Vs Zombies so for their birthday party I decided to make something inspired by PvZ.  I found a pattern for a Pea Shooter.  I have big development plans in the future for an Gatling Pea and a Kernal-pult and many many others.  Is it wrong at 30 to have a room full of stuffed toys on display, they will encourage defenses against zombie attacks…..

Challenge 3 (Technical): Use multiple techniques to complete a project.  0314011334bWe had Mardi Gras day here at work, a bit late I know but it was fun.  In this instance everyone had to decorate a mask that they would then wear on the day of the party.  Being me I decorated mine with yarn appliques and drawings.  It was a rather big hit and I am proud of it.  It now has a place of honor in my cube.

Challenge 4 (Nerd Culture): Take a picture of yourself knitting in a public place or participate in a yarnbombing.  Being that it is freaking cold here up until recently I was not about to go outside and fight the cold to decorate something I opted to take pictures.  I have recently started going to the local book store on Wednesdays for the weekly meeting of the ManchVegas Knitters and hanging out with my fellow fiberistas.  So far it has been going well.  0302012010a0302012010One night I was working on something for my nephew and noticed a perfect opportunity to meet my challenge.  So here is Capt’n Squid hanging out in the local book store (as seen by sitting next to my blackberry soda).  Hunter in turn loved him and was beating him up as soon as he was given to him (which is kinda the best you can expect from a 4 month old)

Challenge 5 (Intellectual): Create a “Warrior Shield” for either you or someone in your fandom.  For this challenge I did the 3D Sleep Mask and pattern which you can read about here :D

And finally Challenge 6 (Team Spirit): Create a project based off of the phrase “In like a lion out like a lamb” As soon as I read this I knew what I had to do.  WAMPA!!!





Yes I made a plushie version of the monster that tried to kill Luke from Empire Strikes Back.  He has claws and tusks that are made from Model Magic and then stitched into him.  He is then covered in a mix of Lion Brad Homespun yarn and Red Heart Light and Lofty to get the very hairy texture in his appearance.  I am very happy with how he turned out :D

So now we are in a new month and the last round of Tournament 1.  I am currently hard at work meeting new challenges and I have some new patterns coming shortly.  Till then back to the yarn with me :D

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