Pattern Modification And The Cute Couple

Some of the best modifications come from a basic pattern.  For example starting with something as simple as Sackboy from Little Big Planet.  Something this cute needs a huggable version and thus a crochet pattern is born.  The best one that I could find to use (and there are several) came from Nerdigurumi and with a few modifications to the hands (mostly because I didn’t understand the pattern) I came out with a Sackboy of my very own.  img_2766

Now this Sackboy is special because he was going on a very special swap project destination.  His destiny was to travel all the way to Singapore to our friend Yaney as part of a Steampunk themed swap.  As we all know you can’t just not dress the part so of course he came with accessories.




He made his journey as a British Adventurer Sackboy complete with pith helmet and elephant gun.  I am pleased to say that he reached his destination without delays and was very well received on the other side :D

As we continue on with our modification journey a few more modifications timg_2769o the pattern and Mini Chip was born.  I had not thought about making a complete human form before really.  There were the Stuffies that originally started the production process but those looked more like weebles than anything else (see the example Matt Smith a modification from Creepy Cute Crochet) .  So when I started working on the Mini Chip I was surprised at how easily it came.  Changes to the head (to make it more human and less flat) and lengthen the torso to make it have more of a human form and we get one of my favorite projects in recent memory.

02070112210207011222Mini Chip started as a joke when Real Chip was away on a business trip.  A comment was made that he was not needed as I could make his replacement out of yarn.  Once he was completed the real Chip likes him as much as I do.  However we can’t have Mini Chip be lonely, so further modifications were done to create a Mini Meggie to keep Mini Chip company.  It took a few months to get it down right and there are a few discrepancies but in all I think she bears a bit of a resemblance.

img_2852img_2855img_2854There are 3 differences between this version and me

1. She is a bit skinnier than I am but I attribute that to artistic license

2. She does not have glasses though in truth neither does Mini Chip and we both wear them now.

3. Her hair does not totally match mine. She has the hair color that I want to have but have not found a hairdresser brave enough to give it to me yet. But I will!

The details that do match she has my tattoo on her ankle, my affection for black eye makeup, and my favorite summer dress and sandals. All in all I think a fair representationimg_2851img_2850.

Of course we have to have some pictures of the happy yarny couple just to show the match that they make for each other.

In short any pattern that you have out there can be modified using some very simple tricks to create something uniquely your own and that you will love.  More to come soon about NerdWars and all kinds of gamer projects till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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  1. Marci says:

    Awwwww. love mini ya’lls

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