Free Crochet Pattern – 3D Glasses Sleep Mask

For the Ravelry NerdWars competition we had the challenge of creating a shield for either a warrior or something precious to us. As I am on Team Rogue Squadron (StarWars Fans)  my shield project is something that I know is a bit of a reach but here goes. In my opinion THX1138 is George Lucas’ baby which he protects and cares for and StarWars is his cash cow which he changes whenever he is in need of more money. That being said it is rumored that he will be releasing StarWars in 3D soon. As much as I hate to give him my money yet again to walk out of the theater minus a bit of my childhood I am too much of a fan not to be there for the midnight showing. (sidenote nothing like seeing a movie that you love with the people that love it as much as you do)

In the spirit of shielding something precious to me I offer the 3D glasses sleep mask




to be used as either prep for the midnight showing nap or to cover your eyes in those particularly horrible scenes cough cough Jar Jar that may come up. Happy Viewing all and sorry for the weirdness of the pictures as I had to take them myself and it is hard to take a picture when you can not see where your camera is.

The Pattern to make this for yourself is as follows:


  • Worsted weight yarn or any type but be sure that the weight of all colors used is the same
  • Size G (4mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: Not really important in this project

Design Notes: This pattern is worked flat with inlay colors. For more information on how to inlay colors or carry colors please refer to or

This pattern has not really been tested other than by me so please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors  at


Ch 13

Row 1: sc in the second chain from the hook then sc straight across 12 sts

Rows 2-7: sc straight

Rows 8 – 15: sc 4 sts in white then 5 in red finishing with 3 in white

Row 16: sc in the next 4 in white then 5 in red change to white for 1 sc the dec over the last 2 stitches (start of the dent for the nose)

Row 17: sc in white only dec in first 2 stitches then continue till the end of the row

Row 18: sc straight

Row 19: 2sc in the first sc then sc straight till the end of the row

Row 20: (start of the blue section) Follow the pattern for the red section leaving 4 white stitches at the top and for this row the 5 in blue and change to white for 1 stitch and 2 sc in the last

Rows 21-29: continue in the pattern as follows 4 white at the top 5 blue then 3 white on the side of the nose dent

Rows 30-36: continue in only white sc in each stitch across

Finish off and weave in ends


Starting across the top of the mask sc in each stitch around doing 2 sc in the corners to turn all the way around.  When you get to the first side of the mask sc in the first 5 then chain a length that fits snugly around your head adding an extra 4 chains when you have reached the desired length.

Dc from the forth chain from the hook till the end of row.  The next part gets a bit tricky and if you choose not to attach it this way that is fine you can just skip 2 and continue down the other side.  For the stronger attachment of the strap do as follows.

Chain 3 at the end of your double crochet band then sc through both the side of the mask and the chain that you just made for 3 stitches then continue on to finish the side.

Continue on straight till you reach the other side corner of the mask at this point sc up 5 till you reach the point where you will attach the other side of the strap.

If you did the reinforced strap above you will sc through the mask and the chain row of the strap for 3 stitches and then continue on to finish the outside row

If not you will want to ss in the next 2 stitches and sc through the last stitch of the strap and continue on to finish the sc border.  Once completed finish off and weave in the ends.

Here is a copy in PDF (3d Glasses sleep mask) if you would rather have it in that format.  Enjoy and please link the pattern if you make it I would love to see what they look like.

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