First Round Completed

Well I made it through the first round of Nerd Wars just in time so I am very excited about that.  For those who are paying attention you will remember in my last post I was having issues with some of the challenges.  The remaining ones were Valentines Day for Team Spirit, Ionic Bonding for Technical, and Prime Numbers for Intellectual.  The results are as follows:

My Valentines Day submission for Rogue Squadron is my “Hiding in plain sight” Pennant as a gift for the head of Cloud City Lando Calrissian! Sometimes when you are supporting a Rebel organization and are in higher positions in society you want to show your pride and support but would rather not be that blatant about it.



This item is for you then. Crochet in an illusion stitch it looks like just a safe color accent however when tipped you see your true Rogue Pride :D


Next we have Ionic Bonding and for that I create the Rogue Wristcuff

My Rogue Wristcuff used 3 different fiber types to produce this item a worsted weight wool (the red color) a worsted weight acrylic (the black) and a fingering weight angora (edging) the 2 worsted weights worked well together as they are approximately the same thickness I used the slightly thicker one as the inlaid color so that the cuff size would not vary too much. I added the angora edging still using the same hook but did half double crochet rather than single crochet to get the correct thickness. In the pictures you can see the yarn thicknesses used and of course that it fits me :D

I was not overly happy with the image of 02080107280208010728athe logo it looked better on paper than it did when it was completed. I had to scale it down a bit to make it so that it could be used in the wrist cuff rather than a half sleeve which is what it would have been in its original form.

And last we have Prime Numbers.  This challenge was a bit taxing trying to think of something that would fit. Then there was a spark of inspiration when a friend of mine told me that they are having a baby girl and when I started to make a gift for the baby and I saw the colors together it hit me.  Tattoine Sunset Star Blanket


As far as the prime numbers criteria it is 5 rows of color and 1 row of white for the pattern to be completed in color segments of 2 variegated 3 white and 1 pink. I love how it turned out and I hope that the end recipient loves it as much as I do.

So now we are in a new month and have new challenges.  As soon as I work through what to make for them you will be the first to know.  Till then back to the yarn with me :D

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