Nerd Wars!

There are times when my addiction to Ravelry becomes so very apparent that it can be down right scary.  One of these examples is Nerd Wars.  Now Nerd Wars is a geek crafting contest from the group explanation:

Essentially, teams (each team unified by their geekery. For example, a person might be on the DC Comics, Dr. Who, or SCA team) “compete” by completing knitting/crochet/whatever projects that answer a set challenge (there will be a few challenges each round to choose from).

Each project you complete earns your team points. At the end of three rounds (each round being a month long each), the team with the most points wins.

What do they win? Bragging rights, a sweet badge for their profile or a Ravatar. Maybe also in the future there will be tangible prizes as well.

The tournament is hopefully going to be a way to motivate people to finish projects on a (ultimately arbitrary by real life standard, but totally helpful and fun here) deadline, and also meet other Ravelers with similar geeky interests and form friendships with folks.

My addiction to Ravelry comes into this because I have become obsessed with checking on things related to Nerd Wars it is pretty much all consuming lately.  I have to check Ravelry several times a day to see what was posted or if there is anything new, and yet I still don’t talk to anyone.  This project is meant to pull people out of their shells a bit and mine is still firmly attached.  I really need to open up a bit.

As soon as I found out what team I was on (Rogue Squadron the Star Wars team) I raced to the patterns page to find things that would work.  Sadly so far however I have not found anything that has jumped out and grabbed me that is theme appropriate :( The scoring for these projects adds bonus points for Team Spirit which is how close your pattern matches your group.  You can most definitely still participate even if they are not theme specific pretty much anything nerdy will do. So far I have posted 2 projects:

For the Nebula project in which you had to take inspiration from the beautiful pictures of Nebulae from NASA and either translate it in colors of yarn or style of project.  I posted Felix who is from the Helix Nebula.


As you can tell from his coloration he has been built to hide in the nebula. He has a a red tone underneath is fuzzy exterior and can also be seen on his foot.  General mode of movement is floating in the weightless environment of space but when they have to go to ground they are skilled in hopping as their mobility.  The yarn itself (the fuzzy one) is a bit greener in person so he matches a bit better from my perspective.

The second project was actually made very quickly thanks to the heat going out at home and a snow day.  This item was for the NerdCon project which was something that you would either use for or at a convention.  I love to dress up and do have several Steampunk Cosplay characters that I use frequently.  So my second project was Cosplay Short Cloak0131012128:0131012127

I play a character by the name of Dinah who is a Steampunk/Weird West vampire that has been captured by a daemon hunter (played by my best friend) this is a elbow length cloak that she wears to match her red eyes. Personally I think it works well for her as the ties are long enough to tie behind my shoulders so that I can wear it hood down and still show her outfit off.  It also fulfills one of my #11in11 requirements too so bonus!

Currently there are 4 more categories that I can add projects to or I can do more for each one they are :

  • Valentines Day for Team Spirit,
  • Ionic Bonding for Technical (2 types of yarn that do not normally work together)
  • Prime Numbers for Intellectual (colors or patterns that run in prime numbers)
  • Cold Hands Warm Hearts for Giving Geeks where you make gloves for charity.

So far I am having a hard time incorporating my team spirit into these crafts but I am sure that lightning will strike my imagination soon enough that I will come up with something.

Till then I will keep on making other projects till something strikes me.  If there are any suggestions that anyone out there has to offer I would be happy to hear them until then I will keep trying to think beyond the yarn.

Till then back to the yarn with me :D

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