#11in11 Project

There is a group on Ravelry that I have been working with alot lately called #11in11.  The group was started after some holiday yarn purchases and conversation with other knitters about what to do with it by Calb1973 and Glittrgirl.  Here is some more information from the group intro on Ravelry:

“Welcome to #11in11. 11 shawls, scarves, necklets, cowls, neck adornments in 2011. If it goes round your neck, it’s in. If it’s knitted or crocheted, it’s in. There aren’t any prizes, just the encouragement and virtual cries of joy and envy from the rest of the group. If you don’t reach the target, then at least you’ve met some new people and had a bit of fun making some new knitted glories (and given some away?).”

So Far I have completed 3 of my required 11 projects for 2011.  I offer you my Vamp Bite Bandage


My Crochet Cables Hooded Cowl


And my very first knitted cowl The Sunshine Print Ribbed Cowl

0115012206a011501220501150122060117011101I really do like how all of the projects so far have turned out.  I am working on integrating some new brighter colors into my wardrobe and with winter in New England yarn for now seems to be the best way to do it.  There are some very pretty variegated yarns up on deck for the next project so stay turned for that.

I have been working lately to channel my inner Penelope Garcia (from Criminal Minds) who I think has the perky goth, sunny sinister disposition that I love and the Rockabilly style that I want.  Color is key to that transformation.  I will as always keep you posted :D

I also have a Steampunk swap project and a Creepy Cute Valentine’s Day secret admirer project working so once those are received I will be posting them as they are coming out brilliantly.

Till then back to the yarn with me! :D

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