Free Pattern – Cthuthlu Fingerless Gloves

Cthulhu Fingerless Gloves img_2552


  • Worsted weight yarn or any type but be sure that the weight of both colors used is the same
  • Size I (5.50mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: Not really tested at the time but can be scaled as needed see below

Design Notes: This is my first pattern and has not really been tested please let me know if you have any questions or find any errors at


This pattern is worked flat with inlay colors it is then stitched up the side leaving a space for the thumb. For more information on how to inlay colors or carry colors please refer to or

Ch 30 to 35 stitches depending on size needed – *to determine size wrap the crochet chain around your hand just below the edge of your pinkie not including your thumb. The chain should fit comfortably around your hand but not too loose. * This row is considered the top of both gloves as it will not stretch as much as the cuff.

Note: You will want to leave a longer tail for finishing on the foundation chain

Row 1 – alternating sc and dc till the end of the row

Row 2- alternate sc and dc for this row as well (in each sc do 1 dc and in each dc do 1 sc)

Row 3 – repeat pattern

Row 4 – straight sc

Row 5 – here is where you begin the chart starting from the top down to make them as shown above you can reverse it for the pattern to show the other way if you would like.

  • For one side count 5 stitches from the end and start the pattern from left to right
  • For the other side count 20 stitches from the end and place marker crochet straight till reaching the marker and then start the pattern so you should finish it 5 stitches from the end of the row

The pattern continues for the 20 rows as shown


Row 26 – straight sc

Row 27 to 30 – start the same pattern as Row 1 and continue for 3 rows then finish off leaving a long tail for sewing


Place the glove around your hand with the seam on the thumb side and mark where it is comfortable for you to have your thumb at the top and bottom. Using the tail from the foundation chain sew the glove closed to the first marker and weave in the tail. Then from the bottom sew in the other direction till you reach the second marker knot and weave in the tail. You should have the side seam with an opening for your thumb.

Here is a copy in a printable format (Cthulhu Fingerless Gloves) if you would rather. Please give me credit for the work and do not resell them.

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