Babies, Babies, Babies

I have been all about the baby crafts lately with the impending birth of my little sisters first child Hunter James.  Also a friend of mine has just had a baby boy as well named RJ.  Today I offer two of the items that I have made and the utmost thanks to the FANTASTIC model that we have in RJ.

So first we will start with the Pumpkin Hat.


Now this one was made so that he could go trick or treating with his new brothers and not be cold.  I found the pattern where I normally do on Ravelry :D and if you would like to make it for your own little pumpkin the link to it is here.  I do love the fact that baby items work up so very quickly means that I can make 2 in the same time that it would take for a adult version of the same project.

Next we have the Aviator Hat:



This one I was looking for something special to make for Hunter to come home in.  Channeling my inner Steampunk I though about a pilots hat.  Ravelry again graced me with exactly what I was looking for but before I purchased it I had to call my sister to see what her opinion would be of it.  I would hate to have made it and her say “I will never let him wear that it’s dumb” or something.  Turns out that a few days before her and her boyfriend were in the baby store looking at a tiny bomber jacket that they had to buy as the cutest and coolest thing they had seen for their soon to be new addition.  At that point there was no contest I had to make the Aviator hat.  RJ gets the benefits of me working out the pattern correctly and he is a wonderful model for it.

I am so happy that my friends indulge me and really do love what I make for them.  I really think that everyone should consider a craft element in their gift giving.  Nothing shows someone that they matter to you like something that you make yourself.  Even if you are just learning the person you give it to knows that you were thinking of them when you made it.

On that note next time holiday crafts must get done so back to the yarn with me :D

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  1. Sandra L. Houle says:

    As always your talents show through in the product you make. Love it. :) <3

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