Ollie, Smiley, and Batfish

Holy October Batfish.  So time has been marching on aggressively on me lately but I have some new things to share with you all.  The first is one of the first gifts that I have made for my soon to be nephew Hunter James.  We had a baby shower for my sister.  She is a fan of super heroes but when they went to do the baby’s room an Under Sea theme seemed to fit a bit better.  I found a way to blend the two themes (or at least the best I could) and we have the first two in the super hero series.  I give you Batfish and Spiderfish.


They are a re-imaging of a pattern out of Amigurumi Two a pattern called Little Fish and Her Daddy.  Spiderfish I have decent photos of however Batfish was finished just before the party so all I have is a picture of her opening it.  I made a baby blanket too for the occasion.

Next we have Ollie.



Ollie is based off a pattern called Padma that was created by Dawn Toussaint.  On her blog she started a Crochet-a-long for this pattern and it was just too cute to pass up.  Chip (the dear BF) is responsible for him having a Fez.  I feel it is the perfect addition.

And last but most certainly not least is Smiley Pumpkin





The Milford NH Pumpkin Festival is this weekend and in honor of that and the start of October we have a pumpkin.  Since I made him I have had several requests for one of their own.  Fall is my favorite season here I foresee lots of them being made and will be all over the house.

Anyway back to the yarn with me :D

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