How Time Flies..

So it appears that I have not posted here in quite a while.  The standard answer of “Life got in the way” just does not seem to cut it for me.  Mostly what happened was I was sick for a whole week and that threw me off my posting.  So this one will be a large post as I have lots to talk about.

First thing is the swaps that I participated in came through and I received such FANTASTIC presents from my swap partners.  The first was from the Creepy Cute Crochet swap.  My partner Yaney is from Singapore and sent me a great swap set up as a wedding invitation.  She sent the Groom and now all I have to do is make him a Bride :D and Gummy Cola Bottles which are one of my favorites.  Here are the pictures:


Next we have the Circus Swap which I received a package from carolinecraftz from the UK.  As you recall (hopefully) I posted Ollie the Elephant it was his brother that I shipped over to the UK as part of the swap.  I received in return a Pumpkin and a Clown along with yarn of course and some candies from across the pond that I can’t get here.  And I have some pictures of this one too:


After that we have the section on conversion of patterns.  Normally converting a knitting pattern to a crochet pattern varies drastically.  We talked about it a bit with the Pig in a Wig pattern where the pig pattern was converted by keeping the stitch counts but completely omitting the purl rows when making it.  Just in time for Halloween I have worked out Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas.

10140010001014001000aNow this pattern I found on Ravelry was a knitted pattern and he came out very cute that way as you can see.  But I was not completely pleased with the results.  As I am better at crochet that I am knitting I felt that if I could work out how to modify the pattern to be more like the actual character I would capture him a bit better.

Here is the modified version:10140014011014001401a

Notice the addition of a Lower Jaw and the Pumpkin face on the nose along with the fact that he is considerably larger in this version.  What you can’t see is I also added an additional tummy section to give him some structure.  I have tried to contact the original writer of the pattern to get permission to post my modified version so that I can give credit where it is due.  Once I have permission I will definitely post it here for all of you :D

Now after all that I have a few more projects in the works for my Halloween post so back to the yarn with me!

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4 Responses to How Time Flies..

  1. vanessa says:

    I saw ur crocheted zero and thought it was awesome and would love the pattern. I made my friend a jack doll and just need to make zero for her. Thanks

  2. marion says:

    I love this Zero crocheted , I can NOT knit

  3. marion Aldrich says:

    I love this Zero crocheted , I can NOT knit .

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