Swap-tastic September

I have decided that Ravelry.com is a total addiction that I can not help but love.  I have signed up for my first round of swaps through this site and I have to say I am very excited.

The first is for a group based on Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden one of the books that was my major inspiration in making all the movie characters that I have made in yarn.  This one is the one that I am most excited about because not only do I get to play with patterns that I haven’t made out of her book but I get the option to free style a bit which I have some cute plans for.

The next is a group for fans of Red Heart yarn which is my favorite to use for any kind of stuffed creation.  I know that there are some real wool fans out there but sadly it just makes me itchy :( So I play with synthetic fibers.  However there are some very cool options in synthetics out there like the Eco-friendly yarns

This swap however has not real theme other than Autumn.  My partner for the swap is a Halloween fan as well so I have some plans for that.

The only downside to the swaps as far as you all are concerned is that I have nothing to share till they are delivered as they are secret till the person that gets them has the initial surprise, and we would hate to ruin the surprise wouldn’t we.

So to keep up with the demands of our September experiment and all the swap patterns I will be crocheting and knitting as fast as I can.  And on that note I have terrible pictures of my first offering for the September experiment. 

Tardis Fingerless Gloves

These are knitted fingerless gloves with a seed stitch edging top and bottom and an inlayed and raised TARDIS that faces the fingers.  I promise to update the gallery with better pictures when I have a light box again.  But for now here is what I have I hope you like it.

Till next time back to the yarn with me :)

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