Ramping Up Production

As September marches on I realized that I missed a week in the projects that I have been posting.   So today I offer 2 :)

The first was made on our way to Ohio and back visiting Chip’s family.  The pattern is from one of my favorite places Monchimonchi Land.  I bought her book very recently when I first started reading her blog and what she was working on just captured me.  I almost immediately went to Border’s to get it.  I am trying currently to convince Chip to take me to NYC to see her show in October.  For now I offer my version of her pattern for Pigs In Wigs.

Now I am not a proficient knitter but the patterns are easy to read and understand so I do get it :D, but my progress with knitted projects is a bit slow.  Being that I have been crocheting for so long I felt that I could do the pattern better justice if I crocheted the pig portion.  My simple conversion still used her pattern for the increases and decreases but I converted one single crochet row for 2 knitted rounds.  I am pleased with the result.


Next we have the Snow Dragon. We are going to King Richards Fair this weekend and I was inspired by that to make something Fantasy based.  Made from a pattern that I initially found on Raverly.com but orignally (per the pattern anyway) appeared on Crochet Me.  In general the procedure here will be that if I make anything from a pattern that is not my own they will of course be given the credit as I was taught that you treat others the way you want to be treated :D

So I present to you Valentine:


Valentine a cute baby dragon looking for a fair maiden to give his heart too. I added the rose and modified the pattern for the spikes on his back and his eyelids to make it look like more of what I had pictured in my head.

Well that is all for now.. Back to the yarn with me!!

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2 Responses to Ramping Up Production

  1. Chip says:

    Piggy! With a wiggy! :glomp:

  2. Jenn says:

    OMG! I <3 Valentine so much!!!

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