Crochet-A-Long and Baby Stuff

I belong to a group on Ravelry called Amigurumi Army which every month they have a theme crochet-a-long.  This month was Outer Space.  As I have posted before as this month has been VERY busy I picked a pattern that was simple and worked up in about an hour or so.  This pattern by RoxyCraft had been sitting in my Ravelry queue since pretty much my joining day and I always love knocking that down :D .  I give you The Gabu.


This little alien was a lot of fun and really easy to make I can easily see these being made for gifts in a rather large scale.  Please let me know if you like them and for those that are not paying attention they might make an appearance this holiday season :D

I will have lots to post very soon for the swap projects (they are almost done) and for my future nephew in the making Hunter James.  I would hate to ruin the surprise for my swap partners so I will wait till they are received, and the baby shower is coming so soon I will have those pictures too.

Okay enough of a break…. Back to the yarn with me :D

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3 Responses to Crochet-A-Long and Baby Stuff

  1. Sandra L. Houle says:

    This is cool. Not sure if you know this ,with babies and children you can’t use though eyes, you need to crochet them. A baby and child could pull them off and eat them it will result in them choking. :)
    Keep us the good work. Love seeing what you are up too.

    • Meg-Ann says:

      I normally buy saftey eyes which are safe for toys as they lock in behind and can not be pulled out if fastened correctly. They are normally the same that are in the typical stuffed toy you get in the store. Planet June has a great explanation on the differences here I will definitely consider that when making them though thank you :D

  2. olivia says:

    cute little alien

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