Experiment 1:

Yeah I know it’s lame but still I am excited.  I decided to start this site as a outlet to not feel alone in my geekness.  Whenever I crochet or knit out in the open I always have someone come up and ask me what I am making.  When I tell them there are of course the confused glances but there are lots of people that when I tell them I am crocheting Mario or a Brain Slug that look back at me and say “Ya know that is really cool.”  This leads me to believe that I am not alone in this.

I wanted not only to make a home for my work but for others as well in time and see if that connection that I make sitting on a bus or train can also be made out here in the big wide world.

So Experiment 1: Make a geek friendly fandom inspired project a week for the month of September.  I am currently taking requests or suggestions on what to make.  Lets see what comes out :D

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3 Responses to Experiment 1:

  1. Sandra L. Houle says:

    How about making dinosaurs, sunshine, moon seperate and as an individual afghan or sweaters.
    You are a talented woman! And I am one of your biggest fans.
    I will be seeing Matt this weekend and will give him the yarn.
    Congratulations on your site!!!!
    Sandra :)

  2. What an awesome month to pick considering my birthday is in September….^_^. I have always loved Princess Zelda and Link so I think they could make a kool craft project for you to tackle.

  3. Cole Tuininga says:

    You know you want to do more Doctor Who… :)

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